October 24th, 2004

be careful

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Heh heh. . . I can't be the only one who is insanely looking forward to seeing Neji's new haircut. He's gonna be so effin hawt damn.

Wish Kishimoto would show Tenten's reaction.

Someone should make a fic about this.
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Kingdom Hearts Riku

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Hi everyone! ^_^ I'm a proud supporter of NejiTen and not-so-proud lurker, so I decided to share one of my NejiTen fics with you all. I hope it's not too bad. O.o;

Title: Return
Author: Onigiri-hime
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Neji is back and badly hurt from the mission to bring Sasuke back. He's almost dead and must be taken quickly to the hospital. TenTen is his only hope. Will she believe in herself and save the one she loves? [ NejiTen one-shot ]
Warnings: Based on recent events of the manga (chapter 236), so there are a few spoilers for anyone who hasn't read up to that chapter yet or only watches the anime.

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