October 14th, 2004

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NejiTen Lyrics Challenge

Well, Rightclawsouth has inspired me. I think that we should all see who can find a song with lyrics that reminds us of NejiTen. I'm going to have to search a bit, but I think it'll be fun! Does anyone else want to try?

Well, I'm going to look now... I guess I should turn off the Guns 'N Roses CD eh? XD They aren't gonna work!
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"I just want you to know: I love the way you laugh..."

Question of [extended period of time]!

How do you view the NejiTen dynamic?

Neji and Tenten have oft been portrayed as a bickering duo, oft participating in verbal (and sometimes physical) jousts, a constant battle of wits in which both parties are heavily armed. (Hey, that was poetic.) And then people look underneath the underneath--in these dynamics, her antics usually stir him in some way, shape, or form. They could aggravate him, incense him, intrigue him, make him smile. And in these dynamics, his antics incense her and, simultaneously, make her respect him all the more (in a begrudging sort of way).

Me? I have odd views on this relationship. >_>;; I do so love the take above, but I explore a different view.

Tenten, as we all know, is open to interpretation. From the, like, 8 lines she has in the manga, she's portrayed as slightly subservient (or perhaps simply laidback) and fairly confident.

I like to explore the subservient side of her, actually, as opposed to a kunoichi with a fiery temper. She likes to help Neji train --> she wants Neji to be stronger. Why does she want Neji to be stronger? She discourages Lee from fighting Neji --> she's almost certain Lee will get hurt. Does she have no faith in our mini-Gai, or does she have too much in Neji? She dresses differently for the chuunin exams --> maybe some small part of her thinks someone will notice.

What's your take on these two, if any?

BTW, for future reference, call me Jing or Jingure. XD
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