October 11th, 2004

"Annie's tired of forgetting 'bout today and always planning for tomorrow!"

ohmigawd... Jingure is in teh h1zz0uz3!!11!!one

Hello! My name is JINGURE. Also known as "Pickled Death" from fanfiction.net, hetero/shounen-ai author extraordinaire and part-time icon artist. Sort of.
You know how hard it is navigating Japanese sites for pretty Tenten-esque bases? >__>; [glomps takari_san for posting links to fan art sites]

Why do I like NejiTen? I understand that people can be all "OMG NO CANON EVIDENCE"/"TENTEN = DELIBERATELY OBSCURE!11" It's about dango-girl worming her way into bird-brain's cardiovascular organ. It's about dango-girl knowing his blind spot and taking advantage of it because she's just mean like that. It's about Neji being a jerk and Tenten tolerating it or even snapping back. It's the idea! o__O; (Yes, this bit was partly inspired by kakairu. SHUT UP! ;-;)
[coughs] So, um, hi. I love Tenten. Do you love Tenten? I would so marry Tenten. If I was Neji. [cough, cough]
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