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You think we'd learn by now...

Only one excerpt for today, since scholarships have been eating my soul. *sigh*

A bit of synopsis...Neji got pissed at Lee following him around, determined to "save his love-life" and, upon seeing said teammate spying from a bush, grabbed Tenten IN PUBLIC and kissed her. Lee passed out...but he's baaaack!

"Neji!" Lee, seemingly having popped out of thin air, jumped in front of the duo. "My rival, I was at first fooled by your adamant refusals to prevent me from assisting you in your love life! But you truly need to be saved!"

"I can assure you, Lee, that no salvation is needed." Neji tried to walk past his teammate.

"When one is so desperate that you stoop to kissing your own TEAMMATE, it is surely a cry for help! Let me assist you!" Tenten arched an eyebrow at this. Oh geez, Lee never learned, did he?

Neji gritted his teeth and waved Lee off. "No."

"It is unfair to Tenten that you take out your love frustrations on her! With the power of youth on my side, I must help you!" Watching her two teammates, the kunoichi wondered if maybe she should've just stayed home today.

"Tenten? Do you mind if I take out my... love frustrations on you?" He gave her a little wink, hidden from Lee.

Thank god for self-control. Otherwise, Tenten would have experienced great shock at the wink. From Neji. Hyuuga Neji. Miracles really DID happen. "Hmm...I don't might hurt my delicate feelings." Too bad Lee didn't know she was joking. "See? Tenten is already wilting!"

"Oh, no." Neji was bad at acting, his concern was so false...

"Neji!" Perhaps remembering all the times Neji had thrashed him for bodily contact, Lee settled for putting a hand on his female teammate's shoulder. "This cannot go on! For your sake and Tenten's, we must find a cure for your instability!"


"Clearly you are confused if you are kissing your unsuspecting teammate! You will find the one right for you in due time, but perhaps my speech prompted you to act too quickly!" Tenten...slowly shook her head.

Neji sighed. "Tenten, let's go."

"Way ahead of you," she replied, starting to head off again. And then Lee was in front of her with watery eyes. "This cannot continue! Don't let him make your youth shrivel up before you achieve your full potential, Tenten!" This time, both brows raised. "Lee, get your hand off my shoulder. Right now."

"Lee, drop it and leave us alone."

"If Gai-sensei heard about it, he'd agree with me! Don't do this to yourselves!" Now, Tenten prided herself on...having more patience with Lee than Neji did. But this was wearing her out and pissing her off.

Neji could see Tenten’s fuse getting shorter and shorter. With that in mind, he decided to let her handle it. He was curious how much Lee would have to do, and how exactly Tenten would be rid of him.

"I mean, there are more feminine girls and for you to stoop to kissing poor Tenten, you must really be--" Before he could get another word out, the girl had grabbed him by the throat, snatching a kunai from her pouch with her free hand. "Neji, could you excuse us for a moment?"

"I'm very reluctant to, as I will not stand for him insulting you like that in front of me. But as I respect you, I will back off." Oh, yeah. He was so working those brownie points.

"Flattery will get you nowhere." But she grinned, dragged Lee behind a building, and reemerged a few minutes and hysterical screams later, dusting off her hands. "Ah, I feel better now!"

I was then so tempted to eventually do a fic where Lee and Neji have a drinking contest. Because I'd die laughing.

Which brings me to my next point of business...

As I cannot draw worth a dime, I will stick to fanfics. So...if ANYONE has a request for a NejiTen one-shot, feel free to comment. I'll do my best...not sure when it'll be done as my one-shots tend to get ridiculously long, but I'll try!

Thanks, guys!
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