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17 April 2005 @ 06:08 pm
I want to thank Syaoran no Hime who made this Survey and made it possible for me to fill it out!
I really enjoyed answering this survey and it was fun! ^-^
Thanks again!
Here's the filled out survey:

Neji x Tenten Survey

Created by syaochan and taken 10 times on bzoink!

The most attractive feature of his appearance.Eyes and Hair!
The thing that defines Neji the most.stoic...only defines a little though!
The person you don't want to pair with him, straight or gaySAKURA!!!
If he can't get Tenten, you will recommend:no one! They are meant to be's!
Is he included among your Top 3 Naruto bishounens?Yep.
Does he make you think of yaoi? Who is his partner?Ewww...Neji? NO!
I want to see Neji dressed in/as:In a White shirt and black pants! lol.
Is she your favorite kunoichi?Duh!
Do you think she should change her hairstyle?Have long hair sometimes...but the buns are cute too!
Does her surname-less state bother you?not really...but I WOULD like it to be Hyuga Tenten in the future! lol
She can be best remembered for:SKillin' Weapon Aim
If Neji is unavailable, the love interest you will recommend to her is:I don't know...o.o...actually Tenten would remain single...lol
What convinced you of this pairing?When I first saw their hints to their love.
Rate from 1-10 (with the latter as the highest) the prospect of NejiTen goi10 all the way!
Fave NejiTen hint/momentHow much time Neji spends training with Neji...
W/c anti-NejiTen pair do you dislike the most?NejiSaku...WHY SAKURA?!?! Where's Tenten?!
Do you read NejiTen fanfics? What NejiTen fic title can you remember?Um...Hyuga Persuasion, can't seem to remember my favourite, FAVOURTIE ones...-.-'
How about NejiTen authors?Syaoran No Hime, Goldberry, HarukaKanata, Endless X Dreamer...
Will Tenten give her Tsunade-like ambitions for Neji?...?
Is this your favorite Naruto pairing?Definately
Is this part of your Top 10 anime pairings?Number 1 in fact!

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I won't be able to post for awhile because I have camp! Yay!
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