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I'm sorry if this appears to be alittle rushed, but it really was. I've had this idea for a fic in my head for a while now, I couldn't seem to get it down on paper to well. It may be short, but I really hope you do like it!

Disclaimer: Oh goodie joy doing these are so much fun. If I owned Naruto, I'd probably make more girl characters xD But sadly, I don't, so get off my back will ya?

I got the idea from the song Goodbye Days by YUI, so go check out that song you want a better idea.

Title: Goodbye Days
Rating: K
Summary: Today marks the end of our story, but tomorrow starts the beginning of a journey. Perhaps if fate allows it, we will see each other again. 

A/N: Takes place about a year after Naruto, before Shippuden.

The faint scent of rain filled the air and the sky reflected upon the colors of the setting sun. Orange melted into red and red melted into purple. Even as clouds parted and the aftermath of the storm had cleared, the melodies of nature’s creations sang a nostalgic tune that day.


Tenten rocked her soaked body to its rhythm. Her flowing hair was worn down and the wet clumps stuck together, dripping of early afternoon rain. Like a mirror, her eyes cast a reflection of the image around her.


She couldn’t begin to even describe that feeling fluttering in the pit of her stomach. Was it ecstasy? Paranoia? Or something else? She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but something was definitely different about today.


No. There was nothing different about this day. It what was similar that caught her attention.


This day, five years ago, the sky had formed the exact same way. The image stayed engraved in their memories, but it was such a coincidence that it had to appear again today.


“Tenten? Is that you?”  The young Hyuuga emerged from the sunset’s shadows. “Lee isn’t here yet I see.”


She rolled her eyes. “This is really important! Just the perfect day to be late.”


“This is about us leaving, is it not?” He inquired as he placed himself next to the kunoichi. “I could tell from the way you sounded over the phone the other night.”


“But Neji,” she started, “this isn’t some mission. This is a training period of 6 months. Sure, isn’t anything like what Naruto and his team are doing, but in many ways, yes, we aren’t going to see each other for a while. Doesn’t it – “


“Bother me? Yes, in a way, it does.” There was a brief silence. “You’re worried about us. Is that the case, Tenten?”


“No. I have faith in the both of you. May it be one day I will surpass the two of you in life.”


She stretched her legs across the frail, dying grass. Winter was around the corner, slowly beginning to swallow any remaining life visible. Autumn began to fade away along with the crisp leaves gradually descending to Earth. The sun no longer stood high in the sky during the daylight hours, and the atmosphere itself seemed to have lost its color.






“Doesn’t it feel a little like Dejavu today? I felt as if we’ve somehow been in this position before, don’t you think?”

He folded his arms across his chest. “I figured you be the one to remember, not me.”


She mimicked his stance, folding her arms across her chest. “Well, I’m sorry. I don’t know.”


“Hn,” his lips curved into a thin smirk. “The sky as it is now is like the one I had pictured in my head. It’s a memory I’ve had of the three of us, when we first met. Do you remember?”


“Now I do,” she remarked unenthusiastically.


“It had just finished raining, yet all of us were forced outside to run laps around Konoha.” He turned his attention to her dripping chestnut colored hair. “You let your hair down that day as well.”


She gave him a light punch in the arm. “How do you remember that day so well?”


“Because,” his eyes met hers in a deep gaze, “it was just an unforgettable day, seeing you use the same antics and moves to get our attention.”


“Like the old days, huh?” Tenten thought to herself. “They’ve passed by pretty quickly.”


Silence. Another awkward moment for the book.


Neji decided to break the silence. “Tenten.”




Today… marks the end of our story, but tomorrow starts the beginning of a journey. Perhaps if fate allows it, we will see each other again.”


She raised an eyebrow. “What’s with all of this all of a sudden? And I thought you didn’t believe in fate anymore?”


If you looked closely enough, a faint light glimmered in his eyes. “Not unless we take it into our own hands.”


“Tch.” She secretly leaked out a smile. “You’re always so serious. Heh, can’t remember the last time you’ve been like this.”


“You don’t remember much anymore, do you?”


Tenten stuck out her tongue like a little girl. Some things never do really change.


The birds above dispersed in all directions, like the summer fireworks they had once seen together under the night sky. Tenten pointed upwards towards the flying creatures. “Say, Neji. How many birds are up there?”


“Hmph,” was his answer. He had been asked this question one too many times. “Seven.”


She showed a thumbs down signal. “Nope, not quite right! Hmm, some things never do really change, don’t they?”


“Or maybe you can’t count, Tenten.”


“No, that’s not it. You just don’t understand!”


“Fine, don’t spare me. Let’s hear it.”


She placed her hand on top his. “You’re free now, too, aren’t you?”


“Goodbye to the days I once remembered. Goodbye to friends I once knew. When I return, I’ll have my back to my past, so we can continue moving forwards…”













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