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Hey all!!

I just want to say hi to everyone (since I've been like all excited that I finally joined this community). oh, and just to say that even though I'm new, I've been reviewing this community a lot. I've joined a lot of neji_ten fanclub but I don't think I'll review them as much as I do to this community.. Hope I can join you all. And despite being a neji_ten fan, I'm also a huge fan of shika_tema. so please don't be too harsh if I usually having a prediction of neji and shikamaru being like 'best mate' and all (I just think they had a lot in common). and I also like to see nice relationship between tenten and temari especially when they met when Team Gai was sent as back up to Team Kakashi when rescuing Gaara, I swear I could feel butterflies in my stomach. (though a bit dissappointed that shikamaru isnt there). but oh well, shikamaru and temari already had a nice 'date' back at konoha anyway... but don't get me wrong, I don't mind if you don't think any of them suit as friends (neji-shika/tema-tenten), I just wanted to share my bouncy feelings. Hehe... ^_^

While reviewing this community, I realize I've written like dozens of neji_ten fictions already but since I had a problem with my computer I don't think I can post any of them in any short time from now. But I'll try my best anyway. And I'm also working on a nejiten_shikatema combination fiction right now. I hope you'll be willing to review it someday.

Thanks all, and I do hope I could participate in this community... Love you!!

Note: also a minor fan of NaruSaku and ChoujiIno, but I can accept other pairings too...  ^_^

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