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I live. And happily, thanks to good grades, got off restriction FIVE DAYS EARLY. Go, me!

And so, to celebrate, I am giving you guys yet MORE RP excerpts and an excerpt from another one-shot I'm planning! (typing up original after this.)

This one is from the Bonding RP...remember when Lee hugged Neji and Neji FREAKED? Yeah, this is what happens after.

Once he had calmed down sufficiently, Tenten released his arm and offered Lee a hand up. He took it--and also took advantage of the helping hand to throw himself into yet another hug--which unfortunately made Tenten hit the floor. Again. "Oh, Tenten, I knew our bond was strengthened when you so bravely faced down Neji to..." Eyebrow twitch. "LEE..." He got the point, sensing that (while weaponless) Tenten would make him suffer sooner or later. So Lee quite wisely departed, leaving the two Genins alone.

Neji was breathing methodically in and out, trying to control himself. As icy as he was, there really was only so much that he could take.

She hated to admit it, but it was rather scary, being in the same room with someone who had, only seconds earlier, almost flattened her teammate and still looked as if he wanted to strangle someone. So it was with a careful tone that Tenten inquired, "Neji...are you okay?"

"Of course. I am fine. There is no reason why I would not be." His sentences were short and choppy, not at all like his eloquent and imagery-packed lectures on fate.

"Well, you know..." She reached for a chair rung and managed to lift herself into a kneeling position beside him so that she could look at him better. "Lee just hugged you. So far...I've never seen ANYONE hug you." Except when they'd danced, and that wasn't really HUGGING...

Neji shuddered slightly, almost undetectably. He felt slightly... violated. He was a drama queen. "Fine! I am perfectly fine. You are the one whose health is the only cause for concern, so it is what we will be concerned with!"

Oh geez, not only was he NOT fine, he was bordering on hysteria. Tenten resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "If I'M the one we should be concerned with, why are YOU the one looking like he's about to throw up?"

The Neji glare turned towards Tenten, and in his voice was full-force denial. "I do not look like I am about to throw up. I am not about to throw up. I have no reason to throw up. How are you doing? Your condition is improving, is it not?"

" just FINE." She spoke through gritted teeth and got up on shaky legs, before she hesitated and slowly sank back to the floor. "Okay...I'm not as good at denial as you are. I never was." She'd never met anyone so STUBBORN.

Neji walked over to her to offer her assistance in standing. "I don't deny things," he denied.

There was a certain oxymoron in his words, but Tenten didn't feel like finding it just then. Nor did she feel like impersonating his subject, so she just got to her feet again with his help and sighed. "You deny things," she replied calmly. "A lot more than the rest of us do."

His jaw clenched. "I do not." Of course she didn't see through when he denied things! He reassured himself. She was just... it was just... fever talking! She had to have a fever, and it must be talking! ...Right?

She didn't know whether she had a fever or not, but this was just getting ridiculous and for some reason, Tenten felt like laughing. She couldn't move without his assistance and he was just standing there, so she was forced to hold on to him, while he continued to deny the fact that he was denying and Lee was surely off weeping somewhere and all of this was very, VERY strange.

He helped Tenten to the bed, all the while thinking happy denial thoughts. It wasn't HIS fault he had to deny so much. It was FATE's fault. It was THE MAIN HOUSE's fault. Curse the Main House.

XD We had a bit fun with Let's-Make-Neji-Angst. We really do love him. I promise.

This one takes place when Tenten falls asleep on Neji and embarrasses him so bad that he doesn't show up for two days when she's in the hospital.

Two days later, Tenten lay flat on her back, staring quite dully at the ceiling. She wanted out. She wanted out NOW. She didn't care if Gai made them go through more bonding, ANYTHING was better than being forced to stay in bed with no weapons, a low fever, and the occasional visit from a hyperactive thick-browed teammate. She was sick and tired of sleeping and feeling like crap. Maybe if she climbed out the window, she could get far enough away and hide herself in a cave...or something.

Neji knocked on her door, carrying a small bag. He felt bad about his lack of visiting, but the last visit had just been so emotionally damaging...

"It's open." Tenten's voice was just as dull as her eyes, which she closed briefly. This was such a hassle. And she was still confused why Neji had been avoiding her. She hadn't done anything, had she? All she remembered was falling asleep, than waking up just in time to see the horror on his face. Not a good sign.

Neji quietly walked through the door. He offered the bag out to her. "Weapon manuals, some technique scrolls, generic stuff." He didn't mention the girlish magazine that one of his younger cousins insisted on putting in.

Speak of the Hyuuga, there he was now. Tenten accepted the bag, holding it quietly in her lap. "Thank you, Neji..." Technique scrolls? Hmm...maybe she could use one of THOSE to get out! Her legs ought to be stronger by now and she couldn't take much more of this. "How are you doing? And Lee? And Gai-sensei?"

"I'm doing decently, and those two are as insufferable as ever." Training and missions with just those two had been extremely painful, but Neji felt no need to go into details about it.

"You're still alive, though," she pointed out. Actually, her tarot cards had suggested that Neji would experience conflicts...of course, she had expected that much, since it WAS Gai and Lee he had been left with. She leaned to the right, trying to see around him to check if the hallway was clear.

"What are you looking for?" Neji asked her.

Well, there was no hope for it. She was going to be blunt. "I'm looking for a clear escape route."

"Only attempt it if you are battle-ready. I passed a very... large orderly on the way up to your room," Neji advised solemnly.

Damn. So much for that idea. Tenten shifted her gaze to the view outside. "Do you think I could make it out the window, then? They haven't let me out of bed yet..."

Neji shook his head. "I've heard bad things about people jumping distances after having their chakra manipulated in a hostile manner."

"Aarrrgh." That was enough to describe her mood quite accurately, and Tenten wanted to either cry, throw something, or...preferably both. "Neji, I HATE it in here! Just...lying in bed every single day for 24 hours while you and the others go on missions and I have to count how many holes there are in the ceiling and I need to get out of this place!"

Neji shrugged. He looked into the hallway and saw that no one was around. Without even giving Tenten a chance to state an opinion, he easily picked her up and hopped out the window, landing gracefully like the Hyuuga he was.

She thought she'd seen it all from Neji...that he could surprise her no longer. But it seemed he had done it again, and all Tenten could do was gape at him as they landed on the ground. What was going on? Hearing the girl's startled yelp, one of the medics came in...and, seeing the two of them outside, blanched. "Hey, what are you doing out of your bed??"

Still holding her, Neji took off running. This was a prison break-out. Sure, they might get mad at him for checking out a patient early... but he fully planned on bringing her back after she had some fresh air!

This was all a dream. Tenten kept telling herself this firmly. Just a very strange dream. Any minute now, she'd wake up and find herself staring at the holes in the ceiling. But no...the sun shone down from above, there was a nice breeze blowing...and Hyuuga Neji was CARRYING her and sprinting away from the hospital at top speed. "...Where are we going?" She finally asked.

"....." Neji hadn't thought that far. He quickly did some thinking. "The abandoned gym next to training grounds eleven." That would do nicely. No one would think to look there.

This was just strange. But Tenten had grown used to "strange" by now. Having Lee as a teammate and Gai as a sensei tended to do that. So she just rested quietly in his arms and tried not to think about how weird this was.

Can't you see Neji jumping out a window and landing all swooshy-like, with his hair all "FWOOSH"? *sweatdrops* or...could be me. I think someone wanted me to e-mail the whole thing to them...who was it?

Next up, from the Birthday RP! One of my personal favorite scenes, when Tenten is DETERMINED to make Neji admit that he cares for her by...being female.

Shit. Tenten steeled herself. No matter what happened, she was going to make Neji admit that he liked her by the end of today. Of course, she had a pretty good feeling he did, but she wanted to HEAR it. So she sighed. "You'll regret being stubborn, I swear you will."

Neji just smiled and held the door open for her.

Grumble grumble. Her muttering was halfhearted as the kunoichi walked into the gym, her cheeks heating up as she thought of her last threat. She really wouldn't have to do that, would she?

"Well, if we weren't wet before, we're soaked now," Neji said as he went over to the closet to pull out more blankets to use as make-shift towels. Then, in a sudden plot twist, he also pulled out some older sets of his clothes. He shot Tenten a quick, "Don't ask"-look. So what if he used the building as his super-secret club house? It came in handy. "I'm going to the locker room to dry off and put on some dry clothes. It won't fit you well, but these will be dry at least." He offered an extra set to her.

Tenten accepted them, wondering what his clothes had been doing here, but deciding not to inquire further. She just nodded and waited for him to leave before she turned her back and quickly changed into the clothing. Neji was right--they were a bit large on her and she suddenly felt very small, but at least they were dry. She then undid her buns and began to rub her hair dry with a blanket.

Off in the locker room, Neji dried himself off (being especially careful with his beautiful hair) and changed.

It was extremely weird to be wearing her teammate's clothing...which smelled like Neji...who smelled nice...oh, shoot. Now she'd have to smell this smell until her normal clothing dried! Still with her back to the locker room, she sneezed, then continued drying her hair.

Neji finished and knocked at the door leading back. "Are you decent?"

"Close enough!" Tenten yelled in response. "Unless you count my hair down being indecent!"

"Oh, very," Neji said as he walked back in.

She stuck her tongue out in a very "mature" response. "No one asked you, anyway."

"Heh," Neji laughed shortly before sitting down. "Now, to sit out the rest of the storm. It's a nice day for rain."

Tenten eyed him. "Come on, just say it already!"

Neji smirked. He doubted she would follow through on her threat.

Neji may have been stubborn and cocky, but Tenten was stubborn and determined--a lethal combination. She knee-walked over to him and faced him directly. "Last chance to turn back, Hyuuga."

"You first."

He was too good. Tenten sighed, pretending to be dismayed. "I're afraid. Okay, then! I'll go first and maybe you won't be so scared!"

He eyed her.

Still doubtful, eh? Okay. The kunoichi leaned forward, thinking of the best way to do this. So she started off with a light kiss, brushing her lips against his. This would have to go step-by-step and she was going to make sure he suffered.

Neji just sat back and relaxed, leaving her totally in the driver’s seat. After all, it wasn't like she would really do it.

Tenten smirked. Oh, how wrong he was! After a moment, she deepened the kiss and this time, she added tongue, cautiously probing his own. Ha! Take that, Hyuuga Neji!

Startled, Neji instantly pulled back and away, eyes wide. He never expected her to really go through with it..!

Now the exact shade of Sakura's outfit, the kunoichi folded her arms across her chest. "So there."

Possibly an even brighter red, Neji was totally tongue-tied, pun fully intended in all of its awful glory.

She'd won this round. She'd rendered Neji awkward and silent. Tenten got to her feet, glancing down at him. "Ah, well, I warned you."

The poor boy actually sat down. He was still in a state of semi-shock. Of all things, that was what he had least expected. His face was still its ruddy color.

Tenten, though she'd never admit it, was rather embarrassed at the moment. She hadn't been sure if she'd done it right...what if she'd been so bad that she'd made Neji catatonic? Concerned, she knelt down, grasping his shoulders. "Neji? Neji, speak to me!"

"Y...yes," was all that he was able to say.

Her eyebrows furrowed. "Yes? Yes what?" Dear god, he'd lost his brain! He was even further gone than she'd thought!

"Yes, I like you," came out very, very weakly.

Victory! Except Tenten was now blushing too hard to celebrate it properly. Geez, if she'd known that's what it took...

Neji gulped, looking very much his age, not at all cool and composed as he was used to. "Wow."

The kunoichi settled back on her heels, eyeing him. "...Are you going to be okay?"

He smiled. "Yes."

"Oh, good." Her sigh of relief was heartfelt. "I thought I was so bad I'd killed you or something."

"No," Neji said, recovering his normal skin tone, voice, and thoughts.

Tenten, still slightly concerned, nevertheless relaxed. She continued to eye him cautiously, but he seemed to be all right. "Sorry...maybe I should've given better warning."

"No, you warned me. I just didn't take you seriously enough, obviously." He was still collecting himself.

Obviously recovered by now, she grinned. "Well, at least I finally beat you!" Ah, victory was sweet. She glanced up at the roof and noted with approval that the rain (while still pouring) was softer now.

"Heh. Was the victory worth it?"

"For that look on your face? Of course!" Tenten chuckled at this. She'd never seen Neji so flustered in her entire life and she intended to savor that image.

Neji smirked. He'd just have to find some way to make them even.

Yep, he was back to normal. She'd seen the smirk, and raised an eyebrow. "What's that for?"

"Nothing." As if he would tell her his plans in advance! Oh, Neji! You're so cunning!

And yes, another favorite scene, when an oblivious Lee decides he will help Neji's "love life". I'm sorry, but I was cracking up during this entire thing.

If only Tenten hadn't been lost in thought--perhaps she might have heard the thunder of approaching enthusiasm and stepped aside. Or maybe she just didn't want Lee to smack into a building. So she ended up almost getting knocked over as her teammate tackled her from behind. "THERE you are! I've been looking all over for you two!"

Neji considered rescuing her from their teammate, but figured it might be more fun to innocently watch her squirm a little bit. "Really? We've been around. I wonder why you missed us."

Lee nodded. "I don't know, either! Where have the two of you been? I had to make it up to Tenten, because Sakura-san said it's bad luck if you don't kiss the birthday girl and handshakes don't count!" Tenten, as she attempted to free herself from his hold, mentally vowed to make Haruno Sakura pay.

Neji cleared his throat, "Lee, don't you think you are disrespecting our teammate? Perhaps she and her future boyfriend would rather only kiss each other. I suggest you let Tenten see if she would prefer, say, a kiss on the hand or cheek."

"Or no kiss at all," the kunoichi muttered, but was drowned out by Lee. Again. "Tenten, do you have a boyfriend? Or might get one? But suppose you never do? You don't really possess the grace of Sakura-san..." He hesitated, seeing her death-glare. "But I suppose kissing your hand would work."

"I believe that Tenten is a lot more useful as a ninja than Sakura," Neji said, displeased.

"They're both useful!" Lee protested, displeased himself at the implied insult to his beloved kunoichi. "I'm just saying that Sakura-san has a lot more grace to her moves, is all!"

"Only if grace means her form is sloppy and she wastes too much physical energy," Neji shot back. He had nothing against Sakura, but... his Tenten was better.

Tenten had a bad feeling about this. And sure enough... "Neji! This cannot go unchallenged! We will resolve this in a spar and I will restore Sakura-san's honor!"

"You insulted Tenten first, idiot. Besides, the argument is over who the better ninja of the two is. Us fighting would not determine that."

"Hm. You're right! Tenten!" Now he turned to his teammate, who stared at him bemusedly. "You can spar with Sakura-san and see which of you two would triumph!" She didn't know about that...

Neji smirked. There was no way someone like Sakura could beat a weapon user like Tenten.

"I'm not fighting her," Tenten said flatly, and was rewarded when Lee released her, pausing only to kiss her on the cheek. "For your birthday," he explained. "Now your future boyfriend cannot object!"

Neji cleared his throat. "So, the matter has been settled then?"

"It's settled...for now! But I still say..." Tenten rolled her eyes. "...Look, guys, can we settle it INSIDE the restaurant?"

Neji nodded and started to lead.

Tenten followed, as did Lee, much to her chagrin. "Hey, do you ever wonder who GAI-SENSEI's girlfriend is?" He asked.

"It's none of our business." What Neji didn't add was, "And frankly, just knowing he has one is enough to give me nightmares."

"Maybe we'll get to meet her and we can celebrate our youth together!" Lee suddenly frowned at his teammates. "I feel bad for you both."


"Huh?" Tenten stared at Lee, and he quickly started explaining. "Gai-sensei has his special fiery love and I have Sakura-san, but you two are missing out!" Oh, boy. She sensed a speech.

"Don't bother with that speech, I assure you we are fine," Neji said, considering preparing a destiny speech as revenge.

"You are NOT fine, Neji! You are in denial! I'm sure one day will come when you feel the passionate, youthful stirrings of your heart, but you must be prepared! You will protect that person with your life and you'll treasure every smile, cringe at every tear..." And he was off and sobbing.

Neji shot Tenten a look, wording the speech about fate in his mind.

Tenten shrugged her shoulders in a What-Am-I-Supposed-to-Do? gesture, then blinked as Lee...continued, without even breathing and launched into another spirited monologue about spring-time fancies.

"LEE! We will have love when fate says it is time."



"THERE'S NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT." AKA I'm gonna harass you until you do something about your pathetic love-life, Hyuuga. Except this was Lee, so it was a bit nicer.

"I. Will. Handle. My. Affairs. Myself." AKA Shut up before I kill you.

"You may be my most worthy rival, but I am further advanced than you in the ways of life! Let me instruct you!" Lee was a dead man walking, Tenten noted absently.

Neji glowered at him. "You will most certainly not." He was glad he was composed enough not to speak his mind.

"Don't be afraid!" Lee cried. "I'm perfectly willing to help out a rival!"

"I. Do. Not. Need. Your. Help. And. I. Never. Will." Mount Neji was preparing to erupt. Hopefully the hapless villagers were prepared to evacuate.

Tenten flinched. "Umm...Lee, I really think you should..." Once again, interruption. "Nonsense, Tenten! Don't worry! Once I find a suitable prospect for Neji and help him develop the skills of love and youth, I'll be happy to assist you as well! Come, Neji! Let us begin!"

"I do especially NOT need your help picking a girlfriend!" Neji was getting pissed. His fist wanted to punch Lee's face to stop that noise.

"There's no need for denial, Neji! I'm sure Gai-sensei will want to help too!"


You'd have to be totally clueless to not notice the death aura emanating from Hyuuga Neji. Apparently, Lee was clueless. "Oh, don't worry, I went through your pain once, too! We can overcome adversity!" Tenten was discreetly inching towards Neji, knowing full well that this was gonna get ugly.

Neji's fist started twitching, so much did it want to punch Lee. "I assure you that I have my love life completely under control." His voice was too calm, far too calm.

"Really?" Clearly, Lee was skeptical. "I haven't seen any proof of that! Denial isn't any good for your youth, Neji!" Tenten cringed. "Neji, try to breathe..."

"Tenten," Neji said through clenched teeth, "Will you please inform Lee that my love life is FINE."

"His love life is fine," Tenten automatically echoed, with an emphasis on the entire phrase. Lee raised his furry eyebrows. "Tenten, I appreciate your youthful concern for our teammate, but kindly please do not try to defend him."

"And why shouldn't she?"

"Because she is not you! And I don't see why Tenten would know more about your love life than I would!"

"Tenten is privy to more information from me than you will ever be!" Neji blurted out in anger. He always was prone to say too much when pissed off, such as all the delicate information he revealed while fighting Uzumaki Naruto.

Hoo boy. Someone was going to get hurt soon, and she bet it wasn't going to be Neji. Lee didn't seem hurt by this particular tidbit of news, just intrigued...and still stubborn. "Then she can help me and Gai-sensei on your path to loving renewal!"

"Tenten. Knowing me better than Lee and our sensei do, do you think that I need any help in my love life from them?"

Hm. Gai-sensei and Lee, instructing Neji. "Well, Neji, I'd have to say that them giving you advice in that section would be pretty painful."

"See?" It was over, in Neji's opinion. "Let's just shut up about it and go eat."

"Works for me." Tenten started inside, although she froze at Lee's next words. "Neji, there is no need for you to be afraid of love or deny the fact that being so solitary has probably made you single for life! I'm here to remedy that! Over noodles!"

"Lee. You are not invited to eat with us."

"Oh, was it invitation only? What's an invitation between teammates?" Tenten coughed to disguise a laugh. "You're not embarrassed, are you?"

"Go away, Lee." Neji had been improving in how he treated his teammate since his defeat at the hands of Naruto, but damn, there still were limits.

"But..." The kunoichi decided to interfere. "Lee, look, I'll help Neji with his love life and then you can help him LATER. But we're both very hungry and I'm sure Sakura's looking for you." Upon hearing that name, he perked up, waved a good-bye, and dashed off.

Neji was still silently fuming.

Tenten tentatively touched his shoulder. "Uh...Neji? Are you all right?"

Neji did not turn away from her touch. "I am." He calmed down more. "He is... annoying in his persistence."

"He's just trying to his own way." She sweatdropped. "Maybe he'll forget about it."

"He had better. I was almost tempted to... you know, tell him, just to get him to shut up," Neji admitted.

"He'll find out eventually." Tenten sighed. "Although you may end up killing him before he ever finds out."

And that is Kia's attempt to play Lee. ^^;;

Finally, an excerpt from a weird stroke of insane creativity.

Summary: It's almost White Day, and Lee wants to make Sakura a cake! Somehow, Tenten and Neji get roped into assisting him (under penalty of running 600 laps), and when the Kurenai cell, Naruto, and the Asuma cell show up to help out (hinder/sabotage/annoy/create mass destruction) things get...weird.

"You have to wear an apron," Tenten firmly informed Neji as she extended the apron to him.

One eye twitched. "It's got lace."

"That's because it's my mom's! It was either this or the pink one." She continued holding out the apron and Neji continued to stare at it as if it were diseased.

"YOOOOOOOSH!" Lee warbled, prancing about his kitchen in a green (what else?) apron. "Let our youthful teamwork take hold!"

At that moment, "youthful teamwork" was nonexistent between his teammates.

"Do you WANT batter all over you?" The weapons mistress demanded.


"Then put on the goddamned apron."

"There's lace on it."

"Oh, for...! Neji, NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE YOU! What are you so worried about?!"

"You'll see me." The words spilled out before he could stop himself and he quickly averted his gaze, horrified at the momentary lapse of control.

Tenten, completely caught offguard by that statement, turned pale pink. Then she sighed, snatched a kunai from her pouch and sliced off the lace on the hem and sleeves of the white apron. "Better?" She grumbled.

Neji took the apron.

Not wanting to leave Lee alone with potentially-fatal cooking utensils, Tenten headed off to help. Until...

"Your apron is untied."

"Huh?" She turned her head and saw with chagrin that her aprong strings had loosened and come undone. Again. "...I was never too good at tying behind my back." This was true. She had commendable dexterity when handling weapons, but her tying skills with aprons was sadly lacking.

"Here." In a single movement, Neji was right behind her, so close that his breath tickled the little hairs at the back of her neck. Working silently, he tied her errant apron strings into a neat bow and brushed past her to check on Lee.

"...Thanks," the kunoichi said to his retreating back. His shoulders rose and fell in acknowledgement.

^^;; Eheh...truthfully, it's also a NaruHina one-shot, since I feel that they need more love.

Anyway, let me know if I've scarred anyone for life yet.
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