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Ficcage; Two Sides Of Their Whole pt1

Title: The Two Sides Of Their Whole: Part 1 (heads)
Rating: Teen/Somewhat Mature
Notes: I will admit it now. I have absolutely no excuse for this. Ummm, I liked it the last time I read it. But now I don't. ._. I don't know why. I think it's a little sloppy.

Also, I seem to have promised this much earlier, but I am a booger and I forgot. It was sitting lonely in my computer. Show it some love. :DDD

{Totally x-posted at my journal.}


Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light:
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

---In Memoriam: "Ring Out, Wild Bells", Lord Alfred Tennyson


They were sitting on the outward deck of their home, the part where a kind of porch jutted out into the yard so they could watch a whole lot of the sky even with a roof. On the one hand, it was a wonderful area because they could count the stars. On the other hand, they were ninja and they didn’t have many chances to do such a thing.

So, yes, they were sitting, Neji leaning on one of the posts and Tenten leaning on him. They were inexplicably wrapped in a blanket (otherwise not so inexplicable, for Tenten did love their blanket). It was ridiculous, actually, because as ninja they had had enough experiences concerning temperatures at its harshest. One cool night was in no way a real excuse to be wrapped up in a blanket together.

But so what? They were married, after all.

Tenten supposed that the nice thing about scarcely having moments like that was that when they did happen, they were just so much sweeter. The bad thing, of course, was that they happened so infrequently that she sometimes viewed his and her careers as maddening. She loved her job, though, so she simply relished the few moments of genuine serenity with the love of her life she had.

Just like now. Under the blanket his hand contained hers and kept them warm. Her hands were often much colder than she actually felt, but she loved it when he warmed them. Defiantly she tried not to think about how she liked it when his entire body warmed hers, because she was in her twenties, dammit, and she should be too old for lusting nonsense. Though of course there was no clear explanation for everything they felt and did for (to?) each other.

Which was probably why her heart ached. They had been married for a grand total of four weeks, and his first real mission back on the job turned out to be a long one. A really long one.

She didn’t want to ruin the moment, really, she didn’t, but when her heart ached and didn’t allow her to enjoy watching the stars with her husband, well…

“Is there any reason,” she asked softly, “Why you rushed in?”

Neji turned to gaze at her in that way that meant he didn’t understand the question. He said nothing, and patiently waited for her to continue.

“I could have waited until this mission was over,” Tenten told him solemnly. “We didn’t have to marry so soon…”

“Why wait?” Neji asked. “It was inevitable. Fate. Why prolong something like that?”

She fell silent. How could she explain to him that she didn’t like the implications? Classified as it was, she knew that the mission he was taking would be A-rank at the very least. For him to insist on the wedding before rather than after was like him saying he didn’t want to regret anything.

Tenten did not want to lose him, not when she had just finally gained him.

“You’re leaving in the morning,” she said instead, and settled in closer to him. Inside the blanket that wrapped them, his arm was around her shoulders while hers were on his waist. The hand she had rested on his chest was peeled off by his free hand and encased with warm fingers. Her hands were cold. She pressed against him slightly, in a somewhat awkward way because they were sitting side to side rather than facing each other. She took advantage of her position to lean in and let her lips tickle his ear. “Maybe we should go to sleep.”

All at once his hand on hers moved from the digits to the wrist, and then up her arm. “…Or we can just go to bed.

Tenten muffled her laugh into her husband’s neck. “No, no, never mind. Let’s just stay out here.”

“Hm,” Neji said, but his hand continued its journey up her arm. When it reached her breast she squeaked. “What was that?” he said, voice deadpan but eyes teasing. She gasped now as he squeezed. “I can’t hear you.”

Tenten meant to whack him on the cheek, but somehow she found herself gently flattening a palm on the side of his face. She gazed intently into his eyes, and let her other hand come up. They were now facing each other, and she pulled him in to bring his lips to hers.

Though they kissed chastely at first, she had forgotten the hand on her bosom. He rotated his palm in one sudden movement, and she gasped again. He took full advantage of her open mouth and parted lips.

“N—mm—N-Neji!” Tenten pulled back, indignant. “You’re being sneaky and unfair.”

Her voice was a few shades lower than normal. He smirked, and she narrowed her eyes. A few moments beforehand, they had been winding down. Now their senses and emotions seemed to skyrocket.

Without warning, she pushed him back. It was not a rough push, but his head hit the floor anyway. Down on him came Tenten, both her hands starting on his torso. The blanket fell away. One of her knees was in between his legs, so when she shifted he nearly moaned. She moved up, letting her hands slide deep on their way. When she had both hands on the floor of both sides of his head she lowered her own to his. She pushed her tongue into his mouth to meet his.

They seemed to be sparring, what with the way their tongues interacted, and Tenten let her eyes lid half-closed. Her hair spilled out of the pins she had on, and tickled both his ears. She would have slid her tongue down his throat if she could, but decided to capture a bit of his lip instead. She bit his lower lip gently.

After a while she couldn’t hold her self up, and meant to simply lower herself on top of him so their chests were pushed together by gravity. But Neji anticipated the buckle of her elbows and grabbed her and flipped them both over so he was on top. He tugged at the belt of her robe, an elegant sash that was tossed aside in favor of what it had protected. The robe came off easily, and now his hands could touch bare chest. He moved down.

She tried to fight back, in a funny battle for dominance. It was weird, it was underhand, but she willingly gave up in the end. She found herself wishing and wishing that he would cover all of her. Her thinking was becoming quite irrational, because she entertained thoughts of how she needed his warmth on her, all over her. It was just so easy to just lie there and breathe and take all of him in…

Tenten shivered.

Neji slowed down enough to lift his head and look at her. They were both panting, and he seemed to be fighting the urge to fasten his mouth on hers again. A little sound escaped her throat in protest to his halt. The wind scraped her skin as much as the cool wood floor did.

“Cold?” he asked, his voice husky, trembling so slightly that it was almost undetectable.

She pulled herself up to kiss him. “A little.”

In more ways than one.

Quietly, he pushed himself up, and brought Tenten up with him. Before she knew it she was in his arms, and he was carrying her inside. She gave a low laugh.

“I can walk, Neji…”

He smiled, his marble-white eyes smoky. “You’re not getting away that easily.”

And he gently put her down on a futon.


Later, it was still dark and it was time for Neji to leave. She knew this because he pressed a kiss to her back before he got up to get ready. She allowed herself to wake up slowly, still half-dreaming. Her mind seemed to do nothing but turn over the sweetness of the last few hours until she was aware that Neji was nearly done dressing.

He saw her sitting up to look at him, and she held out her arms. He went to her, clad in all but his ANBU mask. She put her arms around his neck and let her forehead touch his.

“Going somewhere?” she said rather than asked. She wished time would stop.

“I’ll be back,” Neji promised softly. She smiled for him, because she knew he would.

“I believe you,” Tenten said, loosening her wound arms and drawing herself back reluctantly. She held out her palm.

Wordlessly, slowly, almost like he couldn’t do it, Neji placed his plain white gold band on her hand. Then, thinking better of it, he took it and slipped it on her finger, on top of hers. It was cold to her touch.

He had to go, then. They both knew it. Neji was her husband, but he was a shinobi. When he left his ring with her, he left himself with her. He had to, for both their sakes. He had to go.

She kissed both rings as he slid their door closed.


Mmkay, I'm totally gonna work on my gift exchange now. Only either that or part 2, I swear.
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