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22 February 2007 @ 08:32 am
Distance (m-flo ReMiX) // Fanart Video + Extra  
Sooooooo...since I have about the best community on the planet (:D), I would just like to take the time and dedicate this fanart video to all of you for all of your awesome work and for always posting brilliant work. You make this fandom so much fun to be apart of.

Distance (mflo ReMiX)
Song Download

Also...extra goodies brought to you by the makers of Narutimate Accel:

Current Music: Distance- mflo loves Utada Hikaru
Toboe LoneWolf: [Naruto] Don't You Daretoboe_lonewolf on February 23rd, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)
Tenten? I love you.

*evil grin* I want Tenten to use an anvil in tandem with a wrecking ball.
Kyoshikyo_yaiba on February 23rd, 2007 03:15 am (UTC)
When you think about it...Tenten needs a hell of a lotta arm strength to lift that stuff. Dude, she probably has arms of steel!! O.O

I wanna see her with a zanbatou in the anime. That would pwn so much! *__* And we can't forget about that giant bomb!!