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NejiTen..In One Word?

Hi all! I'm new to the community (and LJ itself..who is ever new to LJ?), although I can never be sure if a post similar to this has been made, I saw this as a somewhat fun game that well..everyone on all sides of the fence can enjoy/participate in. Hopefully this isn't considered spam and if it is, mods feel free to delete.

Some stuff me and my cousin were able to come up with late one random night. It was over Yahoo chat, so luckly you guys won't have to hear all the yawns in between. 

NejiTen is - Love. 

NejiTen is - Babies (I forgot to add...crack is and can be very much existant.) 

NejiTen is - Friendship 

NejiTen is - Kawaii 

NejiTen is - Practical 

While this isn't all we came up with, I'll start it off with 5. I'll be back to laugh/agree with tears of joy/nosebleed to what you guys can also can add.

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