wingsover (wingsover) wrote in nejiten,

[fic] Tidestream of Autumn

Title: Tidestream of Autumn
Fandom: Naruto
Character(s): Tenten, Neji
Pairing(s): Nejiten
Genre: Drama, angst.
Note: Kind of prompted by (and x-posted) by </a></b></a>ten_squared's November theme, "First Fall" but by the time I was just half-way through it was already December. Then again, putting it aside and picking it up again let me see the truly horrendous prose I had forced on it, and to take away some of the weirder phrasings. Still a bit odd in tone, but legible I think. God I need to start writing fluff. That's what I'm good at! That's what Ilike! Why do I do this?

( in the tidestream of autumn )
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