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More Nejiten Sims 2 Crazyness! :D

Well, I managed to take mostly Nejiten screenshots from the Sims 2 which I have to spilt into parts. ^_^;

Neji and Tenten have been going to each other's houses, making out, holding hands...

Tenten called Neji's house and Hanabi invited her over for dinner for tomorrow. She really wants to see Neji try to make an effort at cooking.

Even though, Neji almost burned the house down numerous of times.

But, Neji focused on improving his cooking skills after reading some cooking books.

Saturday morning, Hanabi gives a pep talk to her older cousin. "Lose the forehead protector, you don't have the curse mark."

Neji goes to the shopping center to get some new clothes.

He comes back home and tries them on and starts posing in front of the mirror while the male maid comes in and cleans the house. The Hyuugas are rich. XD , "WOW, I look so stylish."

"What the..is that a zit?"

"Must..get rid of zit..."

Tenten arrives on time in a new dress. ^_^

Neji heads straight for the kitchen and makes a fantastic spaghetti dinner. Every thing looks okay. Neji's not burning anything yet.

Looks delicious. Sadly, I didn't get anything shots of the dinner.

"Dear journal, everything was okay as usually. I played chess with Shikamaru...."

"Saw a lawn gnome on Iruka-sensei's yard..."

"And Tenten thought that the dinner was fantastic, she wanted to go on another date soon. And, she didn't noticed the zits!"

Let's check up on Gai-sensei for a quick second... ^_^

"Lee! Get the fire extinguisher!"

It's true, Neji doesn't have that family curse mark in the Sim world (Yay XD). I try to post more Nejiten pics of their second date. On the second date, Neji totally acts so out of character and Tenten notices it. :D

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