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NejiTen Cyber Fun--Part 2

If you remember this little contribution I made, then you'll know what this is. :D

Sadly, no Lee this time, as I couldn't quite fit him in. And while I believe this isn't as... um, wonderful as the first one, you can bet I'm going to cough up more in the future. So... I hope you enjoy it. It's really fun to do; I encourage you to try yourself. ;)

Title: [untitled]
Rating: Somewhere in between G and PG, I think.
Details: Highschool Alternate Universe! Instant Message Conversation


drag0nbl4de_10: Neji?
drag0nbl4de_10: Neji, I know you're online.
drag0nbl4de_10: Come on. Lee said he was sorry.

[white_spiral has logged in.]

white_spiral: And so? He's not forgiven.
drag0nbl4de_10: Neji! Come on!
drag0nbl4de_10: No harm done.
white_spiral: ...You went to the nurse's office.
drag0nbl4de_10: It was an accident!

white_spiral: You're really defending him?
white_spiral: You were angrier than me.
drag0nbl4de_10: Yes, I was, but that's no reason for you to be as angry.
white_spiral: I don't see why not.
drag0nbl4de_10: Look, I've been angry at Lee before.
drag0nbl4de_10: Lots of times.

drag0nbl4de_10: LOTS of times.
white_spiral: I get it.
drag0nbl4de_10: Yeah, my point is, it's all right for me to be angry with Lee because we both know I'll forgive him in the end.
drag0nbl4de_10: We've been friends for a really long time, you know.
drag0nbl4de_10: But you've only been his friend last year
white_spiral: Wait
white_spiral: No
drag0nbl4de_10: No what?

drag0nbl4de_10: ...Neji. You are friends.
white_spiral: I don't think he sees it that way
drag0nbl4de_10:Stupid! He does!
white_spiral: He does?
drag0nbl4de_10: He DOES.
drag0nbl4de_10: That's why he's really upset that you're angry over this, too.
white_spiral: It's hard not to be, considering he ruined the entire presentation.
drag0nbl4de_10: I know, and that's why I was kinda mad too. But you said it yourself--it's all extra points. It's not even our proper lesson.
drag0nbl4de_10: Gai-sensei just likes dramatics, I guess.
drag0nbl4de_10: And aren't you the chemistry genius who's supposed to help me out? So the failure of this presentation shouldn't matter.

white_spiral: .
white_spiral: Tenten.
drag0nbl4de_10: What?
white_spiral: First, I am not a chemistry genius.
drag0nbl4de_10: Sure...
white_spiral: And you're right, the grade doesn't matter.
white_spiral: But Lee was late for school, meaning we had to start without him, meaning he barged in the middle of your juggling, meaning he barged right INTO YOU.
white_spiral: Meaning you got knocked off of the platform.
drag0nbl4de_10: Well, yes, it was painful...
white_spiral: And that's why I was angry.

drag0nbl4de_10: ...Wait
drag0nbl4de_10: Really?
white_spiral: ....
drag0nbl4de_10: Oh.
drag0nbl4de_10: Well.

white_spiral: Was. I'm not angry anymore.
drag0nbl4de_10: You're not?
white_spiral: I am too tired to be.
drag0nbl4de_10: Well, it IS 1 am

drag0nbl4de_10: Hey, wait, you're not getting off easy.
white_spiral: ...What?
drag0nbl4de_10: I kind of prefer talking over the phone, but I'd really rather not give the intimidating Hyuuga household a ring past midnight.
drag0nbl4de_10: So here's fine.

drag0nbl4de_10: Neji, thank you.
white_spiral: For what?
drag0nbl4de_10: You know. For caring.
white_spiral: You don't have to thank me for that.
drag0nbl4de_10: Sure I do. Not a lot of people would care. Lee's one of the few people who does.

white_spiral: You must really like him.
drag0nbl4de_10: It's hard not to, he's been my friend for ages.
drag0nbl4de_10: Since elementary, practically
white_spiral: I see.
drag0nbl4de_10: Apart from him, I think you're the only other person I could genuinely admire in the student population.
drag0nbl4de_10: Everyone else is okay
drag0nbl4de_10: But you're both... there
drag0nbl4de_10: You know?
white_spiral: There?
drag0nbl4de_10: It's hard to explain.
white_spiral: I can tell.
drag0nbl4de_10: Hey, cut me some slack. It's 1 in the morning and I do have a minor sprain, you know.

white_spiral: .....
drag0nbl4de_10: Right, bad joke. Look, I swear it's not that bad. Will you talk to Lee tomorrow?
drag0nbl4de_10: I'm sure he's losing sleep, after you yelled at him.
white_spiral: I did not yell.
drag0nbl4de_10: Well, you protested very loudly, then.
drag0nbl4de_10: Will you talk to him?
white_spiral: Yes. Fine.
drag0nbl4de_10: Promise?
white_spiral: Yes.
drag0nbl4de_10: OK, good. Now I can sleep.
white_spiral: ......Alright.
drag0nbl4de_10: Oh, Neji?
drag0nbl4de_10: I still owe you a hug.
drag0nbl4de_10: If you want it.

[drag0nbl4de_10 has logged out.]

white_spiral: Fool.

white_spiral: Of course I do.

[white_spiral has logged out.]

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