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09 November 2006 @ 08:59 pm
NejiTen Cyber Fun--Not As Rated As It Sounds  
So, I couldn't keep up with the festival. I did complete the Ten for Ten Themes, but work bit me in the butt and then I got busy with my familia... and I have more excuses, but I'm sure you don't want to hear them. I still feel bad, though, because my absence prevented me from participating in the Round Robin.

As my own form of apology, here you go.

Title: [Untitled]
Author: Sireensilver
Rating: G-PG
Notes: AU; highschool!team gai--online.

[powersuitbeast2 has logged in]

[white_spiral has logged in]

powersuitbeast2: NEJI MY ETERNAL RIVAL!
white_spiral: What.
powersuitbeast2: I am ecstatic at the idea of this challenge!
white_spiral: ...What challenge?
white_spiral: We're supposed to be planning a report.
powersuitbeast2: But, it will be challenging for me to set aside our rivalry for the duration of this project!
powersuitbeast2: TEAMWORK IS KEY, NEJI!
powersuitbeast2: That is what Gai-sensei always says
white_spiral: Where's Tenten?
powersuitbeast2: I do not know.

[drag0nbl4de_10 has logged in]

drag0nbl4de_10: hi, guys!
powersuitbeast2: Maybe she lacks a good connection at this hour?
powersuitbeast2: Ah there you are! TENTEN MY WONDERFUL CLASSMATE!
drag0nbl4de_10: sorry I'm late!
drag0nbl4de_10: So, what do we have planned so far?
white_spiral: Nothing.
drag0nbl4de_10: Nothing?
white_spiral: Nothing.
drag0nbl4de_10: Well, we obviously need to remedy that.
white_spiral: Or, we can decide not to do it at all.
powersuitbeast2: What!
powersuitbeast2: No!
powersuitbeast2: HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT, NEJI?!
white_spiral: ...Shut up, Lee.
drag0nbl4de_10: Aw, Neji, why?
white_spiral: Because I do not need the extra credit, and I refuse to participate.
drag0nbl4de_10: But *I* need it!
drag0nbl4de_10: It's just a report on the solar system!
powersuitbeast2: Come, Neji! Join us in this youthful report!
powersuitbeast2: Do you not want to make use of the collage we had to make?
white_spiral: That collage was horrid and juvenile.
drag0nbl4de_10: Hey!
drag0nbl4de_10: I liked our collage...
white_spiral: As is this report.
white_spiral: He is treating us like elementary students.
powersuitbeast2: OF COURSE NOT!
drag0nbl4de_10: With good reason, Neji.
powersuitbeast2: It's a challenge! Don't you see, Neji?
white_spiral: I see fine, thanks.
powersuitbeast2: Gai-sensei knows that it would be too easy to give us highschool level
powersuitbeast2: and so he integrates!
drag0nbl4de_10: Yeah, it might seem kiddie, but it really has been hard
white_spiral: ...
white_spiral: Tenten, he's a chemistry teacher. I fail to see why we are taking up the solar system.
white_spiral: In our third year of high school.
powersuitbeast2: But it's the best class! The best
white_spiral: And he's making us do a skit.
drag0nbl4de_10: I'm not complaining... I prefer the solar system to memorizing the periodic table of elements.
white_spiral: A skit.
white_spiral: On the solar system.
powersuitbeast2: Can I be earth?
drag0nbl4de_10: Oh, please, Neji?
drag0nbl4de_10: once Gai-sensei comes back to his senses and starts a real chemistry class, I'm going to need all the points I can get.
white_spiral: .
white_spiral: Fine
powersuitbeast2: YOSH!
drag0nbl4de_10: Oh thank you!
drag0nbl4de_10: I'd give you a hug, but it's a little difficult online.
powersuitbeast2: Can I be earth, then?
powersuitbeast2: I have a costume!
white_spiral: Fine.
drag0nbl4de_10: Um, go right ahead, Lee.
powersuitbeast2: You can be the moon, Tenten! Neji can do the sun
powersuitbeast2: you must have costumes!
drag0nbl4de_10: ...the moon? me?
powersuitbeast2: Neji, don a POWERFUL yellow!
white_spiral: Shouldn't there be more planets, or something?
powersuitbeast2: we can cut cardboard into strips
powersuitbeast2: for rays
powersuitbeast2: Tenten should wear white!
powersuitbeast2: I have silver glitter here somewhere.
white_spiral: I don't own anything... powerfully yellow.
drag0nbl4de_10: Lee, the costumes are nice and all, but we need to work on what we're doing in the skit itself
powersuitbeast2: oh, and sequins!
powersuitbeast2: Ah yes. Why not meet tomorrow?
white_spiral: Where?
drag0nbl4de_10: Yeah, ok. We can do it here; my parents won't mind.
powersuitbeast2: YOSH!
powersuitbeast2: Tomorrow afternoon, then
white_spiral: Fine.
powersuitbeast2: I shall go search for those sequins!
drag0nbl4de_10: ok
powersuitbeast2: Farewell!
[powersuitbeast2 has logged out]
white_spiral: no sequins.
white_spiral: I refuse to wear sequins.
drag0nbl4de_10: too late, I fear.
white_spiral: I refuse either way.
white_spiral: I'm not going to be the sun for that imbecile...
drag0nbl4de_10: er--Gai-sensei or Lee?
white_spiral: ....
drag0nbl4de_10: right.
drag0nbl4de_10: Look, if you really don't want to, I can do it. You can be the moon instead.
white_spiral: With glitter?
drag0nbl4de_10: Glitter or sequins, pretty boy.
white_spiral: I resent that.
drag0nbl4de_10: Sorry. But the offer is open. Go on, take it.
white_spiral: You're mocking me. I hardly appreciate it.
drag0nbl4de_10: Am not. No, then?
white_spiral: Fine.
drag0nbl4de_10: Fine?
white_spiral: Fine. You are now the sun.
drag0nbl4de_10: Hurrah.
drag0nbl4de_10: Now if only Lee would not get so worked up
drag0nbl4de_10: We have a bunch of other planets to present--it's a little weird that we're stuck with a moon, a sun, and an earth
drag0nbl4de_10: You know, for a report on the solar system...
white_spiral: you can juggle, can't you?
white_spiral: juggle planets
white_spiral: as the sun
drag0nbl4de_10: hey!
drag0nbl4de_10: that's brilliant!
drag0nbl4de_10: Man, I'm glad we aren't doing actual chemistry.
white_spiral: It's not as hard as you think.
drag0nbl4de_10: I hope not.
white_spiral: Get a head start, then.
white_spiral: If it bothers you so much, begin reading your book ahead.
drag0nbl4de_10: uh, no
drag0nbl4de_10: because that's just weird
drag0nbl4de_10: and because i can't understand it anyway
white_spiral: you can't understand it?
drag0nbl4de_10: no
drag0nbl4de_10: don't tell me *you* can?
white_spiral: I can help you.
white_spiral: if you want.
drag0nbl4de_10: really?!
drag0nbl4de_10: you'd seriously do that?
white_spiral: ...
drag0nbl4de_10: oh, thank you!!
drag0nbl4de_10: Now I really owe you a hug!
drag0nbl4de_10: can you stay after Lee leaves tomorrow?
white_spiral: Fine.
white_spiral: I'm going to go now.
drag0nbl4de_10: Ok
drag0nbl4de_10: Thanks again! so much!

[white_spiral has logged out.]

[drag0nbl4de_10 has logged out]

PS: Drabble to the first person who can guess which line is my favorite. :D
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Toboe LoneWolftoboe_lonewolf on November 9th, 2006 08:56 pm (UTC)
Hm. There must be something about cyberspace that allows for the formation of lovely Nejiten crack.


Aw maaaaan, hyakuiro picked the line I was gonna pick.

white_spiral: Fine. You are now the sun.

It's so...wonderfully ironic. Or something. Like, AHAHAHA SEKRIT CONFESSION BETWEEN THE LINES LOL, or the fact that it's the sun, moon, and earth, and Tenten juggling the planets (OH YES, Tenten juggling = rock on), and, and...yes. I love that line.

Hee. And a skit of Neji as the moon, Tenten as the sun, and Lee as earth, with Gai-sensei watching and the rest of the class staring as well technically Neji revolves around Lee (unless he's like, Jupiter's moons or something XD)...and. Yes. AU is good.
sireensilversireensilver on November 11th, 2006 01:52 pm (UTC)
I believe this form of crack has become a god-given right. ♥

If I can manage, I think I'll attempt to write about that litttle report... but I think I managed to get at least the image pressed into everyone's inner eye anyway. :D

Thanks for the feedback, dear.