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NejiTen Cyber Fun--Not As Rated As It Sounds

So, I couldn't keep up with the festival. I did complete the Ten for Ten Themes, but work bit me in the butt and then I got busy with my familia... and I have more excuses, but I'm sure you don't want to hear them. I still feel bad, though, because my absence prevented me from participating in the Round Robin.

As my own form of apology, here you go.

Title: [Untitled]
Author: Sireensilver
Rating: G-PG
Notes: AU; highschool!team gai--online.

[powersuitbeast2 has logged in]

[white_spiral has logged in]

powersuitbeast2: NEJI MY ETERNAL RIVAL!
white_spiral: What.
powersuitbeast2: I am ecstatic at the idea of this challenge!
white_spiral: ...What challenge?
white_spiral: We're supposed to be planning a report.
powersuitbeast2: But, it will be challenging for me to set aside our rivalry for the duration of this project!
powersuitbeast2: TEAMWORK IS KEY, NEJI!
powersuitbeast2: That is what Gai-sensei always says
white_spiral: Where's Tenten?
powersuitbeast2: I do not know.

[drag0nbl4de_10 has logged in]

drag0nbl4de_10: hi, guys!
powersuitbeast2: Maybe she lacks a good connection at this hour?
powersuitbeast2: Ah there you are! TENTEN MY WONDERFUL CLASSMATE!
drag0nbl4de_10: sorry I'm late!
drag0nbl4de_10: So, what do we have planned so far?
white_spiral: Nothing.
drag0nbl4de_10: Nothing?
white_spiral: Nothing.
drag0nbl4de_10: Well, we obviously need to remedy that.
white_spiral: Or, we can decide not to do it at all.
powersuitbeast2: What!
powersuitbeast2: No!
powersuitbeast2: HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT, NEJI?!
white_spiral: ...Shut up, Lee.
drag0nbl4de_10: Aw, Neji, why?
white_spiral: Because I do not need the extra credit, and I refuse to participate.
drag0nbl4de_10: But *I* need it!
drag0nbl4de_10: It's just a report on the solar system!
powersuitbeast2: Come, Neji! Join us in this youthful report!
powersuitbeast2: Do you not want to make use of the collage we had to make?
white_spiral: That collage was horrid and juvenile.
drag0nbl4de_10: Hey!
drag0nbl4de_10: I liked our collage...
white_spiral: As is this report.
white_spiral: He is treating us like elementary students.
powersuitbeast2: OF COURSE NOT!
drag0nbl4de_10: With good reason, Neji.
powersuitbeast2: It's a challenge! Don't you see, Neji?
white_spiral: I see fine, thanks.
powersuitbeast2: Gai-sensei knows that it would be too easy to give us highschool level
powersuitbeast2: and so he integrates!
drag0nbl4de_10: Yeah, it might seem kiddie, but it really has been hard
white_spiral: ...
white_spiral: Tenten, he's a chemistry teacher. I fail to see why we are taking up the solar system.
white_spiral: In our third year of high school.
powersuitbeast2: But it's the best class! The best
white_spiral: And he's making us do a skit.
drag0nbl4de_10: I'm not complaining... I prefer the solar system to memorizing the periodic table of elements.
white_spiral: A skit.
white_spiral: On the solar system.
powersuitbeast2: Can I be earth?
drag0nbl4de_10: Oh, please, Neji?
drag0nbl4de_10: once Gai-sensei comes back to his senses and starts a real chemistry class, I'm going to need all the points I can get.
white_spiral: .
white_spiral: Fine
powersuitbeast2: YOSH!
drag0nbl4de_10: Oh thank you!
drag0nbl4de_10: I'd give you a hug, but it's a little difficult online.
powersuitbeast2: Can I be earth, then?
powersuitbeast2: I have a costume!
white_spiral: Fine.
drag0nbl4de_10: Um, go right ahead, Lee.
powersuitbeast2: You can be the moon, Tenten! Neji can do the sun
powersuitbeast2: you must have costumes!
drag0nbl4de_10: ...the moon? me?
powersuitbeast2: Neji, don a POWERFUL yellow!
white_spiral: Shouldn't there be more planets, or something?
powersuitbeast2: we can cut cardboard into strips
powersuitbeast2: for rays
powersuitbeast2: Tenten should wear white!
powersuitbeast2: I have silver glitter here somewhere.
white_spiral: I don't own anything... powerfully yellow.
drag0nbl4de_10: Lee, the costumes are nice and all, but we need to work on what we're doing in the skit itself
powersuitbeast2: oh, and sequins!
powersuitbeast2: Ah yes. Why not meet tomorrow?
white_spiral: Where?
drag0nbl4de_10: Yeah, ok. We can do it here; my parents won't mind.
powersuitbeast2: YOSH!
powersuitbeast2: Tomorrow afternoon, then
white_spiral: Fine.
powersuitbeast2: I shall go search for those sequins!
drag0nbl4de_10: ok
powersuitbeast2: Farewell!
[powersuitbeast2 has logged out]
white_spiral: no sequins.
white_spiral: I refuse to wear sequins.
drag0nbl4de_10: too late, I fear.
white_spiral: I refuse either way.
white_spiral: I'm not going to be the sun for that imbecile...
drag0nbl4de_10: er--Gai-sensei or Lee?
white_spiral: ....
drag0nbl4de_10: right.
drag0nbl4de_10: Look, if you really don't want to, I can do it. You can be the moon instead.
white_spiral: With glitter?
drag0nbl4de_10: Glitter or sequins, pretty boy.
white_spiral: I resent that.
drag0nbl4de_10: Sorry. But the offer is open. Go on, take it.
white_spiral: You're mocking me. I hardly appreciate it.
drag0nbl4de_10: Am not. No, then?
white_spiral: Fine.
drag0nbl4de_10: Fine?
white_spiral: Fine. You are now the sun.
drag0nbl4de_10: Hurrah.
drag0nbl4de_10: Now if only Lee would not get so worked up
drag0nbl4de_10: We have a bunch of other planets to present--it's a little weird that we're stuck with a moon, a sun, and an earth
drag0nbl4de_10: You know, for a report on the solar system...
white_spiral: you can juggle, can't you?
white_spiral: juggle planets
white_spiral: as the sun
drag0nbl4de_10: hey!
drag0nbl4de_10: that's brilliant!
drag0nbl4de_10: Man, I'm glad we aren't doing actual chemistry.
white_spiral: It's not as hard as you think.
drag0nbl4de_10: I hope not.
white_spiral: Get a head start, then.
white_spiral: If it bothers you so much, begin reading your book ahead.
drag0nbl4de_10: uh, no
drag0nbl4de_10: because that's just weird
drag0nbl4de_10: and because i can't understand it anyway
white_spiral: you can't understand it?
drag0nbl4de_10: no
drag0nbl4de_10: don't tell me *you* can?
white_spiral: I can help you.
white_spiral: if you want.
drag0nbl4de_10: really?!
drag0nbl4de_10: you'd seriously do that?
white_spiral: ...
drag0nbl4de_10: oh, thank you!!
drag0nbl4de_10: Now I really owe you a hug!
drag0nbl4de_10: can you stay after Lee leaves tomorrow?
white_spiral: Fine.
white_spiral: I'm going to go now.
drag0nbl4de_10: Ok
drag0nbl4de_10: Thanks again! so much!

[white_spiral has logged out.]

[drag0nbl4de_10 has logged out]

PS: Drabble to the first person who can guess which line is my favorite. :D
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