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Coming out of lurkdom for Fic: Daring To Bleed

Hello! I'm wordynessie and I've been lurking about here since a little bit before the Festival started. ^_^ Um...I suppose I could get out some networking here and say I'm friends with blooming_cosmo - the queen of NejiTen distribution - and goldberry, who I do a collaboration with.

Anywho! I bring forth a fanfic, an in-progress multi-chapter and since I was rather proud of myself for accomplishing something completing the fourth chapter today, I thought I would go ahead and post it. There are two notes though.

1) This is a sequel to a one-shot I did awhile back, Right Before His Eyes. It isn't necessary to read it, I think, but it may clear any confusion you have. Hopefully. *fingers crosses*

2) This isn't necessarily concrete NejiTen. I have it listed as a Gaara x Tenten/Neji x Tenten triangle (not to be confused with threesome - I see you twitching) and the definite pairing will be revealed later in the fic. There's been some developing NejiTen recently however. ^_^

Title: Daring To Bleed
Author: Nessie
Rating: Teen
Summary: Caught between her past and her present, Tenten has to decide who will be her future. Gaara doesn't want to let go and Neji never did.

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4

I hope you enjoy it!
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