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29 October 2006 @ 04:53 pm
[Fic][Ten for Ten][7-10][COMPLETE!]  
And...this is it! The last four themes for my Ten for Ten challenge! Woot! Though I've been working at this until 3AM, so they're definitely not as good as the previous ones...^^;;; Buuuuut there's a bonus fanart! =D

Ah well. If the first was wacky, the second classic, this is action. Explosives, battles, and gunz. Oh yes, guns. if I begin with an AU, I end with an AU -- an AU...with GUNZ. =D

Theme: 7. Mine

Neji could see Tenten waving at him behind the thin rice paper screen, across from the tiny courtyard near his rooms. It was in the middle of the day, but Tenten had said yesterday that she wanted their daily morning spars to be a bit later in the day, because there was something she wanted to work on. Neji inwardly smiled as he recollected the memory, because he knew from long experience that this meant Tenten had gotten some new weapons idea and was going to be working on it non-stop until she could test it out on him the next day.

Tenten trotted across the small courtyard, weaving through Neji's relatives to come towards Neji. By now, Tenten was a common appearance at the Hyuuga household, and both she and his relatives easily shifted directions to avoid collision. She'd become one of those rarest people – a family friend of the Hyuugas. Note: a family, female friend.

She practically bounced to a stop. "Heeeeeeeeeeey, Neji! I've got a new weapon to test out!"

"Oh?" Neji said, pushing the sliding door the rest of the way open as he walked towards his sparring partner. "What is it?"

Tenten grinned. "Explosives."

At that moment, every single male Hyuuga in the vicinity of Neji raised their eyebrows. (But only a couple of millimeters, mind you, because they are Hyuuga's, after all.)

There was a reason Tenten was a family, female, friend.

Neji glowered just a bit as he could practically feel his male relative's eyes on the two them, Byakugan or not.

He knew he had quite a few cousins that were enamored of Tenten, persistent annoying relatives that seemed to continuously forget that Tenten was Not Interested. Sometimes Neji had to remind them of that fact. Unfortunately, it was not very long-lasting. Neji could not understand why they did not understand that, although he understood all too well why they could deceive themselves.

"You know how there's always a time delay with explosive tags?" Tenten blithely chatted as they walked back towards the gateway. "Well, sometimes I want the explosion to occur right away, instantaneously after the trigger is pulled. Like traps, for instance. So I've been working on making a physical model that I can later convert into a tag formula so it'll blow right when I trigger it." She lifted a hand, revealing a tiny metallic device. "So it's mostly a mechanical device for now. Later I'll convert it to chakra-glyphs so they'll be less bulky, though I think they'll always have some sort of physical component other than glyph-paper if I want to throw it."

All males had at least some fascination in explosions and weaponry. Even Hyuuga ones. Most females, Neji had observed, did not hold such a large interest.

And yet, Tenten was such a girl.

Intelligent, not too loud, not to quiet, neither too shy to approach or too obnoxious to leave alone, understood the dance of femininity but not so much as to throw males off (males could only understand so much), a kunoichi who did not shy away from a shinobi's work, with a nice laugh and pretty eyes. (Neji surmised. He thought they were very pretty.)

Oh, and the weapons-and-explosions thing was no turn-off either. For a male shinobi, anyway.

Neji was not immune to this.

(He was simply exceptional at hiding this, is all.)

Tenten reached into her pockets and held up another device. "I've got a few variations, actually. I can make the thing just blast off right away; if I use it in a trap I'll probably get a foot or leg. Then there's this one, there's a spring attached, so it'll lift up into the air before exploding – I'll potentially injure around the head or chest area. And then this is a variation of the first – I just fragment it, so shrapnel go flying everywhere. Makes it harder to dodge."

His relatives were not immune to this either, as he could feel their gazes as they weaved their way back to the Hyuuga compound gateway. In the Hyuuga compound, people eventually grew sensitive to the Byakugan and would gain some sort of sixth sense in knowing where people were looking, even without the Byakugan.

And while Neji had gotten moderately used to his relatives staring at him, he was not at all used to his relatives staring at her.

Tenten shifted through her bulging weapons bag and pockets. "I've been experimenting with the exploding powder too, you know…I think flash devices might be useful, so I'm working on those combinations too and…"

Neji just watched, amused, as Tenten rattled off the various combinations she'd already come with, things she wanted to test, certain weapons she thought she could use these in conjunction with, some other trap variations, the reasons why she chose this metal over that alloy—

She really was cute when she got into weapons. Her eyes would sparkle, just a little, from time to time as she extolled one virtue of a particular weapon and then bounced over to how that compared to a different aspect – wholly bound up into a shinobi subject of "death, destruction, explosives, and sharp shiny things" – as she once said.

It was one of the endearing points to Tenten. Sweet and blatant contradiction, innocent and experienced, all bound up into a bundle of something that was just…her.

For a moment Neji forgot about his relatives' peeping problems and was solely focused on her.

—Then he felt that subtle sweep of the Byakugan and all of his possessive feelings returned.

Hyuugas, Neji knew, were visually-oriented people. Unfortunately, Hyuuga's had a tendency to see first, consider ramifications later. Also unfortunately, that meant there was no way of showing them that Tenten was Completely Off-Limits, barring Tenten wearing a sign and Neji's clothes.

(…Neji resolutely Did Not think of Tenten wearing his clothes. No.)

Neji interrupted Tenten's happy ramblings as they'd finally made their way back to the compound gateway. "So, what do you call them?"

"Oh, this?" Tenten looked at what she had in her hand. "Hmm. You know how we use explosives in mining, Neji? I think I'm calling it a 'mine.' "

Neji raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really?"

"Yeah." Tenten grinned. "Though they make a heck of a bigger crater than the mining explosives we use now. Just wait till I incorporate it into Soshoryou."

Neji smirked at that. "Hn. But remember this, Tenten—" And with that he turned around, and trapped Tenten between his arms and the solid wood of the gate. Neji had some inner glee as he felt Mr. Peeping Hyuuga avert his gaze (Neji bet it was Haru, and so there'd be a pounding tonight, because that was twice that Haru looked at Tenten That Way). Tenten blushed furiously as his lips brushed over her forehead.

"You're mine."

Theme: 8. Gamble

Although Konoha was a shinobi village, and it was a very prosperous shinobi village, that did not mean that Konoha was rolling in money. And as such, sometimes some teams would have to buy or "acquire" additional supplies as Konoha couldn't always supply a team with enough money to buy supplies for a month long mission.

In short, Team Gai was out of cash.

And so, the three members of Team Gai had stopped in a village to do small jobs to collect money (or barter trades), so they could continue on their journey. It was nice to know that Team Gai was known as the fastest team in Konoha, but that inevitably meant that they were sent on missions that were the farthest away.

Well, long experience at being short-handed meant long-experience in getting rich quick. Relatively, anyway. Whenever they were short-handed on cash, they'd stop by some town, do few small jobs fast, and leave. Sure, they could have gone on with pure survival skills, but it was more efficient to take a break now than to spend time later scavenging for food.

Neji usually went straight to the police force and searched for lost items. Easy work with the Byakugan. Lee headed for any construction areas, or any place that required hard labor. Tenten was a bit of a "handy-woman;" with her talents in weaponry it wasn't hard to extend that to tools. They'd set the time for three hours; enough time for them to gather up enough money and convert them into supplies.

Three hours later, they met up at the village's entranceway.

Neji turned to see Lee jogging up to the gate. "Oi, Neji! I bring the fruits of my labor of youth!"

Lee grinned proudly as he held up his filled wallet, stopping in front of Neji.

"And I see you were successful in your endeavors as well!" Lee pointed to Neji's full purse. Neji shrugged, and looked up ahead for Tenten.

(It was the fangirls. Honestly. They were everywhere, asking him to "find the key they 'lost' " or "save their kitten" or…ah well. He was getting paid.)


Team Gai's lone female member came trotting up the main road, waving.

Her two team mates stared.

"I know Tenten now carries her scroll on her back, but does it not seem that she is carrying…even more?" Lee asked.

"…She wouldn't have bought more weapons." Neji said. "Or, she shouldn't have."

"But Tenten is easily enamored of well-forged blades…you recall that incident, yes?"

Memories of a crazed side of Tenten heretofore never seen when Team Gai stopped by the most famous swordsmithing village in Lightning Country.

"Look! You can actually watch them do pattern welding! And later today there's an exhibition of forging watered steel! And there's a sale at three!"

It was this that gave rise to her male teammates naming her a "weapons otaku."

"Come on, Neji! I bet I can find a pattern-welded battle ax to use against your Kaiten!"

Tenten frowned as she came up to Neji and Lee, who were looking at the large, heavy bag she was carrying over her shoulder.

She stopped as her two teammates were staring at her suspiciously. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"…Those are not…weapons, are they?" Neji asked, cautiously.

Tenten looked at him incredulously. "What, you thought I went weapons-shopping? I'm not that obsessed."

"Okay maybe. But this isn't," Tenten insisted. "Geez, you'd think I carried a bag of scorpions or something. It's cash, plain and simple."


Tenten rolled her eyes and shrugged the bag off her shoulder. She snapped open the ties.

Neji and Lee stared at the mass of green and shiny coins. Cash, plain and simple. So to speak. It's not so simple when it could have filled a barrel. A small barrel, perhaps, but a barrel nonetheless.


"I went to the casinos."

Staring was becoming a new thing for Neji and Lee. Tenten wondered if this was a sign of male bonding.

Tenten blinked. "Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't considered the possibilities."

It was times like these when Neji and Lee saw so clearly Tenten's dream of becoming like Tsunade. And at least in this area, Tenten had Tsuande beat. Neji surmised it must have been Tenten's upbringing. Gypsies were always adept gamblers.

Theme: Combination of 8. Gamble and 9. Running.

She doesn't have time to think about the consequences. She just sees the opening, and takes the gamble.

She may be the weapons mistress of Konoha, but the missing-nin before her is better. Because he is desperate. And so she takes the offering she has been given, and lets Fate roll the dice.

Her blade slices through her opponent's neck as she half-recklessly dives for that split-second opening between almost-equals. But as her opponent falls, she cannot stop the backlash convulsion of death, cannot stop that twin blade from continuing its path because she took the gamble and the dice has been rolled.

But it doesn't really matter.


She's smiling, strangely enough, as she falls with a blade cleaved into her side.

Mission Accomplished.

Because she knows there is someone who will defy fate for her.

Neji screams out her name as she falls along with the missing nin, screams as he finally reaches her, through the mass of bodies that he made as Tenten fought their leader. Her face is already ashen, and his Byakugan flares as his instincts cry for retribution. Lee is crying too, but Neji's eyes are blazing and he immediately leaps up, cradling Tenten's body as he runs back towards their camp, back towards safety, back to where they should have been two days ago except they'd taken the gamble and now Neji's not sure if it was worth it.

He's practically flying across the treetops, only half a step behind Lee, and Lee has already cast off his weights. They aren't called the fastest team of Konoha for nothing.

When Team Gai runs, really runs, they seem to fly.

After all, a flock protects its own.

She wakes up in the medic tent. She remembers only vaguely, only of Neji and Lee screaming as they fought to come to her after she'd taken down the missing-nin's company leader. Vaguely remembers their flight across the treetops, vaguely remembers how Lee cried and Neji demanded and Sakura healed her gaping side.

She does remember, though, Neji's face as she wakes up.


"Hey." Pause. "That was a foolish move to make."

She smiles. It's so Neji.

"I know. 'Don't gamble your life.' But you know…" And here her hand slips just far enough off the bed so it touches Neji.

"You're my trick dice."

Theme: 10. Razorblade kiss

"Operative one-three-seven, ready?" The computer-virtual voice waits for the voice-recognition to register.


The room turned pitch black and Tenten stood at alert for the first sign.


A flash is all she needs. Gunfire lit up the room temporarily as Tenten, Operative one-three-seven, raised the new high score on the gun-training simulation. She runs and twists ad dodges the thin, almost invisible laser beams as she races to complete the target set before the one-minute limit is up.

Tenten smirked as the lights turn back on, flipping her goggles up as she surveyed her targets.

One hundred percent, all the time.

That was Tenten's motto.

She was the famed weapons expert of the NINJA group, of Team thirteen-zero, with members Hyuuga Neji and Rock Lee, or Operatives one-three-zero and one-three-five, respectively. Together they made up NINJA's most elite fighting squad, with a weapons expert, genius hacker, and martial arts expert.

Hostage system? Team thirteen-zero.

Virus infection? Team thirteen-zero.

Need to quell an underground uprising? Team thirteen-zero.

If you wanted espionage, you called for Team eight-four or Team ten-three. If you wanted strength, you called for Team S-3. If you wanted something out of the ordinary, you called for Team seven-zero. But if you needed fighting, pure and simple, be it through air or cyberspace or alleyways, you called for Team thirteen-zero.

Tenten smiled as she exited the simulation room, unwrapping the belt system of practice guns from her body. Sometimes it was just felt good to let 'er rip with plain old-fashioned guns, the feel of solid recoil and vibration. She hung up the practice gear and re-strapped her own, shifting until the weight of all of her guns felt comfortable. Crossing the basement hallway of the NINJA practice facility she came to the small area of computers, where the intelligence division could freely mess with their coding. As always, there was Neji, working on his laptop.

"Got a new worm?" Tenten looked over Neji's shoulder as numbers scrolled by.

Neji grunted, typing away. "New port attacking pathway. I'm testing it against a low level network right now—"

"Oh?" Tenten laughed. "Another piece of cyberspace soon to belong to Hyuuga Neji?"

Neji smirked. "Hah. I own the interweb."

"Sure, as shown as Sasuke drops out of the game you two are playing."

Neji growled at Tenten's retort. "As if."

"Hey, hey! Not doubting you, oh genius nerd."

"I am geekily offended at that."

"But a proud one."

Neji flicked his forefinger. "Of course. Along with incredibly intelligent, suavely handsome—"

"Neji? Shut up."

"Love you too."

Neji grinned as Tenten smacked him. He loved bantering with Tenten, shooting back and forth at each other. Tenten said it was kind of like rapid return cross-fire. Neji said it was kind of like coding on the fly as the program runs. Lee said they should just get a room.

Speaking of Lee…

"Ho, friends! I have just completed the new fighting sequence that Gai created! It was truly exhilarating!" Lee came bounding up to them, excited as he always was after practice.

"Heyla, Lee," Tenten waved. "What's up?"

"Well, Naruto's team has been called out again; sounds like they've got some animal-criminal with genetically-engineered snakes running loose. So you know how that goes. Crazy stuff goes to Team seven. Team eight's just got back; Team S reported in last night and they'll be back sometime this afternoon." Lee shrugged. "Other than that, nothing much."

Tenten groaned and slipped off her goggles, running her hand through her bangs. "Geez, I want some action. Where's all the mafia? There's gotta be some mafia-ring we can bust."

"We busted the last mafia ring two weeks ago," Neji said off-hand, tabbing through windows.

"That so does not count. There were only five people. Five! In a basement! Where are the days when we blazed through ten-story buildings?"

"I think they've all been razed after you used your explosives on them," Neji snorted.

"It was a completely justified reason to use HMX."

"Says Explosions-Obsessed."

"I only used it twice!"

"And the dynamite, and the TNT, and the TATP-bullets—"

"Hey! They work!"

Lee rolled his eyes. It didn't matter where they were, Neji and Tenten would always be bantering at each other. He was just glad NINJA rooms were soundproof – he really didn't want to know what happened when they did "get a room."

"Guys! Want to try the new fighting sequence Gai made?" Lee interrupted. "It's got a team-based option."

Both Tenten and Neji's eyes lit up at that. Their heading officer might be a little off in some areas, but there was no arguing that in the area of fighting sequence simulations, his were the best. Wildly unpredictable in the way only Gai could make them, wholly crazy, and just plain fighting frenzy – once you figured out the secret. Team thirteen-zero didn't mind testing the other heading officers preferred simulations; after all, NINJA squads should be versatile, but who could blame them for liking the fighting-oriented ones? They liked what they were best at.

Tenten grinned. "Man, it seems like ages since Gai came up with something!"

"And," Lee raised a finger, "I have heard that Gai partly collaborated with Kakashi on this,"

Now Neji looked really interested. Kakashi was perhaps NINJA's most famous hacker, with his top-secret Sharingan programming coding techniques. Neji was always battling to prove the Jyuuken techniques to be just as deadly and effective. This was bound to be good.

"I'm in."

Lee raised a fist. "To the simulation!"

x x x x x

Gai had tears in his eyes as his team came out of the simulation room, with a time even lower than he expected.

"My youthful students have beaten Kakashi's most clever and ingenious loop!"

Neji snorted as he slipped of his helmet. "Hah. Looked like he forgot how the Hyuuga style goes out first, then pinpoints in. Maybe he was thinking Sasuke would fall for the eternity loop, but not my Jyuuken."

"You gotta admit though, that physical manifestation of the viral core was a neat twist though," Tenten grinned, shaking the simulation's attachment-straps off. "Had to let a bullet fly past your eyes before you noticed that."

"Almost knocked off my com-link; that wasn't for my eyes, that was my mouth."

"You missed the first one then. One track mind, hmm?"

"Methodically driven."


Lee grinned as he watched his two teammates poking at each other. Sure, it was a strange sort of love, but what kind of love in NINJA ranks wasn't? Gai and Lee shared a look. Lee grinned even wider. He bet Gai threw in the sunset just for these two.

"And Neji, that was totally cheesy."

"What was?"

"The sunset thing. Honestly, I'm the one carrying the grappling hook. You do not need to heroically hack into a helicopter and grab me off the building."

"And what were you planning to do, leap across a four-lane road to get to the other building before your explosives go off?"


"That makes absolutely no sense."

"Neither does kissing me as you dragged me into the helicopter."

"Oh, you prefer something more…" Neji smirked as he turned to face Tenten. "…substantial?" His voice lowered into a half-growl.

Tenten's hand crept up to Neji's shoulder, her voice a bit breathless as the adrenaline rush from the simulation kept pulsing through her. "Something a little more substantial than a razorblade kiss, yes."

So Neji did.


To themes 1-3
To themes 4-6


YES I KNOW THEY'RE ALL INCREDIBLY CHEESY AND ZOMGWTWBBQHELL. My brain is mush now. Geez, I wish my orgo exam hadn't been this week -- otherwise I could've spent more time on these.

Anyway, bonuses!

FANART: Team Gai [will need to full-view]
A fanart for Razorblade Kiss. I hinted about this on the NF forums, and here it is! Team Gai, with GUNS, in all its GLORY! XDDD

Theme variations: Mine and Gamble at my livejournal. These last four themes were a killer; I had 5,515 words on these four alone. *falls over* And they still didn't come out exactly the way I wanted them to!

Gah. Well, that's that. I done it. Fanfic, fanart, contests, crack, MVs...I done it. This Ten for Ten challenge done by yours truely has amassed 8,432 words, not-counting variations. I dead now. Hope you enjoyed this one's descent to to Nejiten mush-gibberish. A happy hurray to all that participated!
riri: xoxocrimson_riot on October 30th, 2006 12:24 am (UTC)
Did I just read a sci-fi NejiTen story? *squints* Why, yes, I think I did...........

SO COOL! And the picture was... homigawd... I think I'm in CyberHeaven. ~squee~ Ass-kicking and interweb and Neji owning it and ASPLOSIONS-GO-BOOM! and and and... *ridiculously excited* Neji makes the perfect nerd! c.c And he's hot!

You did a great job! Congrats on finishing!
Toboe LoneWolftoboe_lonewolf on November 2nd, 2006 05:11 am (UTC)
Strangely enough, there aren't that main sci-fi Naruto fanfics. It is The Smallest genre at ff.net.

Well. I suppose I'll have to rectify that. XDDDDDD

Thank you!
rong_chan on October 30th, 2006 01:43 am (UTC)
GUNZ! AWESOME! XD XP *goes crazy*

You BETTER make more chapters with the sci-fi setting of #10! XD XP (You don't have to if you want to.)

Toboe LoneWolftoboe_lonewolf on November 2nd, 2006 05:12 am (UTC)
Oh, I certainly intend to. Although probably not a story, but more of a collection of one-shots set in my sci-fi universe.

Team Gai with Guns = Pwn All.
meepers369meepers_369 on October 30th, 2006 01:54 am (UTC)
CHEESE. I love cheese. And mush. Especially when they are as amazingly written as you made them. <3 <3 <3!!!
Toboe LoneWolftoboe_lonewolf on November 2nd, 2006 05:13 am (UTC)
^^;;; Thank you!
wildcattmiss_wildcatt on October 30th, 2006 02:40 pm (UTC)
*bounces* Possessive Neji is always cute, gambler!Tenten is hilarious, but.......

I love...love...love your AU! Geeky-and-yet-still-smexy-Neji....the rescue-at-sunset-with-helicopter scene...the blatant flirting....LOVE. Best laugh I've had all day.
Toboe LoneWolf: [Naruto] Don't You Daretoboe_lonewolf on November 2nd, 2006 05:16 am (UTC)
...The goddess of Nejiten AUs likes my sci-fi AU? ZOMGASDFWTWBBQ.

*grins* Glad I could make you laugh. And that you like geeky!sexy!Hacker!Neji.