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Sooo, here are the remaining drabbles...and the one's I already posted. I figured that I'd put them all together, just for the sake of being somewhat organized ;)

1. It's Been Five Days
It had been five days since he said goodbye. Five days since she had wept, and he hadn’t said a word. For five days she had waited for him to come back and for five days he had yearned for home. Not home in Konoha, but home in her arms.
2. Sincerely Yours
“Neji.” Tenten tried to keep her voice even as her new husband kissed down her neck. She had to suppress a giggle when he began working on her collarbone though; she had always been ticklish.
“Hm?” He said, deep voice muffled against her skin.
“You have to stop.”
He raised his mouth from her shoulder briefly, “Why?”
“Because,” Tenten stared straight ahead as he slid her kimono down her shoulders, “Because I absolutely have to finish these thank-you notes!”
Neji looked up, “Tenten, did you remember how huge our wedding was?”
“Do you remember how much it cost?” He raised an eyebrow.
“Mmhmm.” She scratched resolutely away at the scented paper.
“Don’t you think that the party we threw for pretty much all of Konoha covers thank you’s?”
Tenten dropped her pen, swiveling her chair around to face her crouching husband. She crossed her arms over her chest. “Neji. I’m still going to send out thank you notes.” Then she leaned forward, kissing him. “You’ll just have to wait your turn.”
3. White Out
She didn’t know what to do. Only the pain anchored her to this spot. She didn’t want to feel it, but it flooded through her anyway, all the way to her fingertips. Her arms were heavy and they fell to her side like lead pipes. She heard the clatter of weapons when she crumpled to the ground. No one could see her. No one knew where she was. Panic dulled her senses, but the pain stayed, like a sedative as she lay there, surrounded by leaves and death. And she wanted Neji with her.
She wanted him so badly that it overwhelmed all the other pain.
It fucking hurt.
She couldn’t yell. She couldn’t speak.
Pain tore through her throat, leaving her gasping for air, while blood seeped down her chin.
She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t move.
Footsteps crunched through the grass. She didn’t know if it was a friend, or someone coming to finish her off. She tried to slow her raspy breathing, and let her eyes slide shut. Maybe they would leave her for dead. She couldn’t fight back anyway.
Whoever it was came to a stop at the beginning of the clearing. “Tenten?” He rushed forward.
If she were able to speak she would have cried out his name in relief. Neji. Neji. She wanted him to hold her, that’s all she wanted. He kneeled down next to her, taking her body in his hands, easing her up so that she leaned against him. She looked straight into his eyes, eyes that were so white and so deep. She felt like all she could see was white, white that enveloped her, not giving her a chance to escape. He held her closer, calling for Lee, calling for help. She couldn’t do anything.
Her eyes closed again, and all she saw was white.
{If I could open my eyes, so I could see in all the directions at the same time, oh what a beautiful view}

4. Listen

The mornings are the best, damp air tinted with the scent of coffee and soap, golden breezes filtering in to bathe the warm apartment in a sort of ethereal glow. Laughter, or bland conversation settled over the sound of boiling water, or a knife, scraping over bread. And the voices blended together, as rich and smooth as the coffee that was poured, steaming, into chipped mugs. 

They head in separate directions from the door, always leaving time for a kiss that they didn’t quite have time to taste. She would walk to the ninja academy down the road, to meet her eager students, and he would usually go off and meet his genin team-his first one after ANBU.

They would meet for lunch-if time allowed. Sometimes she would have packed bento boxes that had been made lovingly the night before, or sometimes they would buy some rice balls, or just go to the noodle house.
They preferred picnics. They would be themselves, unreserved, as the river babbles next to them, sending silver sparks lapping along the sides, and the leaves whispering in the rusted glade. 
She would lean her head against his chest as his hands teased her hair free from its constrictions. They would be able to taste the kisses this time, take the time to feel the contours and nuances of each other’s bodies. The dance was familiar, yet electrifying every time. 

Evenings are sultry and slow. Dusk bathes the apartment in forbidden heat, and everything seems closer than it was before, everything is muffled. She forgets the soup she put on the oven when their bodies are tangled on the sofa. When it burns, filling the apartment with smoke and alerting the shrill smoke detector, she leaps up and swears, flicking the oven off while he fans the shrieking smoke detector.
They don’t care that the apartment reeks, or that the soup is no longer edible. Usually they just return to each other, return to a heap on the well-worn sofa that is used to passion.
Their cries, their gasps, turn into something different, a song that rises and falls with their beating hears. Like poetry, beautiful not to their ears, but to their bodies, bodies that resonate together, seeking fulfillment. And the room falls into a smolder, so full of life that it is ready to burst open
5. Gravity
He was running towards her, black hair streaming behind him. Tenten’s mouth twisted into a slight smile. It would be alright now, wouldn’t it? Neji always saved her. He yelled her name and she felt her smile fading when she heard the panic in his voice. She felt rock crumble under her feet, and in that moment she was suspended in the air, wind rushing around her.
She fell fast, there wasn’t even time to think about a way to stop herself. The sheer rock face was too far away to get to. All she could do was close her eyes.
She might have been screaming, but with the wind all around her and a roaring in her ears she honestly didn’t know. All she felt now was a horrible emptiness, the rush of cold around her.
Then she just felt warmth. Warm arms surrounded her, pulling her into a tight embrace. She opened her eyes to a pair of white ones, gazing at her coolly. She felt still in the air, as if she had stopped falling. She felt his lips against her cheek, so warm, and so real.
{So what if you catch me, where would we land?}

6. We Might As Well Be Strangers
Tenten and Neji were walking side by side down the unfamiliar streets of Sunagakure. Both of them stared straight ahead. Neither of them said a word.
A couple onlookers paused, commenting on how abnormally fast the two young leaf nins were walking.
“Maybe,” said an elderly lady sagely to her companion, “They’re trying to get away from that mad man following them.”
Her friend, who was slightly deaf and slightly blind, asked, “What mad man?”
“Look closely my dear, that boy in the green…tights. He’s screaming out something about youthful fire?”
“Ah.” The woman nodded, “Now I see. Youthful fire? Perhaps he’s an arsonist.”
Her friend shook her head, “Really. The Kazekage needs to take care of people like him.”
Meanwhile Tenten and Neji kept walking on, faster and faster, “Just remember,” Tenten muttered, teeth gritted, “We don’t know him.”
7. Mine
Two pairs of eyes were fixated on one item. Neither person dared move. They were frozen, knowing that the last person to dart forward would be doomed. And neither of them could move, fearful that that move would be their last. All that was heard was two sets of breathing, tense and shallow.
“Neji.” Tenten said through clenched teeth, “It’s my twinkie.”
8. Gamble
Nobody thought it would work out-the quiet, intense Hyuuga genius, and the cheerful, lovely weapons user. It was a long shot to be sure. Everyone thought that he would mess up, and she would leave. Not that anyone dared say to either of them.
But both of them were happy at first. And then they kept being happy. Day after day after day. Bets were lost and won, and people slowly began to believe in them. Because it was a gamble, but they had both bet their lives on it.
9. Running
It wasn’t enough. She wanted more, needed more. She could feel her aching, hungry fingers searching him, running down his back where his bare skin burned against her own flesh. She could hear his breathing, quick and hot on the back of her neck, and she could hear him murmur her name feverishly, as if he had to make sure she was still there. She reassured him that she was, breathing his name like a prayer.
She didn’t know what to think, thoughts ran rampant through her mind. All she heard was one insistent voice, pulsing in her brain.
Run, you idiot, Run.
Too much. It’s too much.

It was too much. She didn’t know how she could be without him after this, and as his hands slid up, lifting her skirt past her waist she imagined what it would be like to not be touching him, to have him not be touching her. She imagined trying to fill the gaping, aching, rattling chasm that would separate them.
Run. Run.
But she couldn’t. As thoughts of being without him flooded her mind she could only hold him tighter, knees hitching over his waist, head thrown back so that he could lower his mouth to her neck. And it just felt so completely right.
So she stayed.
10. Razorblade Kiss
“I-I’m so sorry Neji!” Tenten couldn’t stop the tears that came, falling between her fingers as she tried to brush them away, “It’s all-all my fault!”
He cracked open an eyes, “Tenten. Shh. These wounds are not…fatal.” He coughed, trying to sit up.
“No Neji!” Tenten’s arms were around his shoulders before she could think and she held him close to her body, as close as she could, “Don’t, please. Sakura’s on her way. You’ll be fine.”
He leaned against his hands and turned himself around so that he faced her. “Tenten.” He leaned forward, meeting her lips quickly with his own. Then he collapsed forwards onto her.
Tenten raised a shaky hand to wipe Neji’s blood from her lips. Then she laid him back down, opening his shirt.
He had been cut with razorblades all along his chest. The blood was overwhelming, soaking through everything and already puddling on the ground. Tenten knew it was all over her too, she could feel it on her face, drenching her clothes. But he would be alright. She knew he would. He was Hyuuga Neji, after all.

Thanks for reading!"
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