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Ten for Ten!

God, this was pretty tedious. XX Please excuse my weird icon and the really long entry. I don't really post often so I'm not that good with all of the cuts and everything. (But personally, I think that it's a bit simpler if it's on one page. It all depends on the situation, really.)

Theme One: It’s Been Five Days (This is around the time when Tsunade returns.)



“Yes, Tenten, we already know. It’s been five days.”


She was cut off when Neji’s lips suddenly crashed down on hers.

Theme Two:Sincerely Yours (Cheesy alert! XD)

Neji and Tenten found a note that was pinned to a tree with a senbon when they arrived for training.

Dear Neji and Tenten,
Lee and I are on a special mission today, so you can have a day off from all of your youthful training. YOSH!
Love and YOUTH!,
Gai-Sensei and Lee

Neji suddenly smirked one of his devious smirks.

“Do you want to do what I think you want to do?” asked Tenten.

“Hn.” His smirk disappeared and walked to the center of the field, indicating the beginning of a spar.

Tenten hid into the surrounding trees.

Whenever I’m training with you, Neji, I’m sincerely yours.

Theme Three: White Out (Erm… I seriously HAD to write something about a list… XX)

Tenten was writing furiously on a poor piece of paper in the library one day.

Naruto looked over her shoulder to see why she was writing so hard and almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

She was writing a list about why she loved Neji.

Naruto rubbed his eyes, and then continued onto finishing his homework, which he didn’t even start for the whole hour. (He was too busy doodling stick figures with whiskers.)

Ten Reasons Why I Love Neji
1. Neji’s my teammate. We back each other up on missions.
2. Neji’s is my best friend. (At least I hope so.)
3. Neji beats up his fangirls. (It’s quite interesting to watch, really.)
4. Neji always trains with me. (Even if I know that I’ll lose, I still give him my all.)
5. Neji aways wins. (Well, except for that one time in the Chuunin Exams when Naruto totally kicked his butt, but that actually made him soften up a little. :D )
6. Neji’s smart. (Why else would he be one of the strongest shinobi in our year?!)
7. Neji’s never mean to me. (He always takes out his anger in training.)
8. Neji has perfect hair. Seriously. Must be genetics.
9. Neji lets me see his smile. (It’s really rare, but it’s sure a sight to see.)

Tenten didn’t know how to write her tenth reason. She kept on writing something and then crossing it out.

“Hey, Naruto, do you have any white out?”

“Uh, sure, here.” said Naruto, not wanting to get caught looking at Tenten’s paper, while handing her some white out.

Tenten wrote down her tenth and final reason after thinking about it for a while.

10. Neji has beautiful eyes like the moon. Whenever I think of them…
It’s like a white out.

Theme Four: Listen (Corny alert! XX)
It was a beautiful starry night. Team Gai’s training ground had the perfect view. It was distant from the city, and you could see every single star in the sky.

Tenten and Neji were training late. Lee and Gai-sensei had already gone home.

“Hey Neji, let’s stop for today.”

“Hn.” (Which probably meant “Ok.”)

“Hey Neji, did you ever listen to the sounds in the night?”

“Not really.”

“I have. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the faint chirps of the crickets and maybe even the sound of rushing water if you’re near a river.”

So Neji listened.

Tenten was right, there were the crickets chirping and he could also hear a small river that was probably a quarter of a mile away.



“What do you think of the stars?”

‘First listening, now the stars?’ thought Neji.

“They’re stars.”

“I think of them as the things that determine our fate. Every single one has a different outcome. The constellations are also beautiful.”

Tenten went on and on about astrology and the such, and Neji…

He listened.

But when Tenten stopped, he held her in a passtionate kiss, one that was worth doing after listening to Tenten. (Not that he found her talking boring, of course.)

Theme Five: Gravity

Tenten let gravity overtake her when she dropped from her technique. It really took up a lot of chakra and tired her out.

But Tenten wasn’t worried.

However strong and inevitable gravity was, she knew that Neji would always be there to catch her fall.

Theme Six: We Might As Well Be Strangers

“Neji! Lee and I were worried about you! Where in the world have you been?” screamed Tenten.


“You were supposed to stay in the hospital after you got injected with the poison from the Cloud ninja on the mission and you go out training IN THE RAIN!!!”

“I don’t need nor want pity. You’re annoying.”

And then he walked away.

We might as well be strangers…

Theme Seven: Mine (Neji’s OOC. XX)
One day after training, Neji found a small blue book that must’ve fell out of Tenten’s backpack. He knew that he shouldn’t read it, but he couldn’t resist. (It was Tenten’s diary, for Pete’s sake!) So he “accidentally” dropped it and it opened to a page.

Dear Diary,
Ugh… still thinking about him again. Why can’t I get him out of my mind?! It’s not my fault that I love him!

‘Tenten? Love someone? WHO?!’ Neji thought.

I always get lost in his beautiful eyes…
And he’s never mean to me.

Neji was getting really mad. Who could Tenten have loved?!
He closed the diary shut and went on his way to Tenten’s house.

He knocked on her door.

“Hm?” asked Tenten while opening the door, “Oh, hi Neji!”

“This is yours.” said Neji nonchalantly while handing her the small blue book.

“Oh, thanks!” said Tenten with a small blush on her face.

“Oh, and Tenten, remember this...”

“...You’re mine.”

No sooner than he had said those words he captured her lips in a heartwarming kiss. They broke apart because of the lack of oxygen.

“Neji, did you read my diary?” asked Tenten.

Neji didn’t say anything.

“Because the guy that I was writing about was you.”

Theme Eight: Gamble (Don’t ask about the ending. XX)

Tenten never liked to gamble.

In fact, even if Tenten admired Tsunade, they hated to see her in her drunken and gambling state.

“hic… Yes, Tenten? hic…” asked Tsunade when Tenten found her in one of Konoha’s bars.

“Tsunade-sama… Sakura and Shizune wanted me to tell you that there are many anxious shinobi waiting for you at the festival.”

“hic.. The festival’s …hic… TODAY?!”

“Hai, Tsunade-sama.”

“Let me play …hic… one more …hic… game of slots!” said Tsunade as she pulled the lever on the slot machine.

No matches. But Tenten did find one interesting row.

It had a panda, heart, and a pair of white eyes.

Maybe she was seeing things.

“Tsunade-sama!!!” screamed Tenten as she fainted from the overdose of alcohol.

Theme Nine: Running (A bit strange, if you ask me. XX)

Tenten decided that she needed to improve her stamina.

So every morning she went on one of Konoha’s trails and ran.

She always liked to think about her personal life while she was running. Today was no different.

It’s really boring these days…
I’m almost always stuck at home while everybody else is on missions or training… and Neji…
It’s been a long time since I saw him…
He’s usually on solo missions or is training with his uncle.
But still…
It’s hard to forget him…
The missions we had together… and training, too.
But I know that there’ll always be a part in my heart for his existence.

Theme Ten: Razorblade Kiss

Tenten was a rather unique person when it came to kissing.

There was the kiss of her cold steel blades (which were quite painful), and the kiss of her passion.

Neji was lucky enough to receive her kiss of passion when he asked her out to dinner one night. Her razorblade kiss.

Aaaand DONE! XD

Please excuse the corny-and-cheesy-ness! XX

I hope you enjoy! :)

(Oh yeah... can anyone tell me how to change the timezones on this thing? I'm usually on PST, but I think that this community is mostly on EST. XX)
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