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Scavenger Hunt Round 2 [Festival]

Scavenger Hunt Round 2

And first round results are in. The real image I was looking for was...

A fanart that can be found on

Last round post has been unscreened.

Current Point Standings
kaleidoruby- 0 points
light_flower- 10 points
xhananx- 0 points
meepers_369- 9 points
starstruck2- 0 points
toboe_lonewolf- 9 points
brina_mezzaluna- 0 points
wingsover- 8 points
blue_black_cat- 0 points
koizumi- 0 points
hyuugatenten- 0 points

Your next round item will be in the area of fanfiction. I will give you a fanfic idea and you will try to either give me the exact fanfic I'm thinking about, or something close to it. Now if you didn't do well the first round, there's still a chance to win, so make sure to post your answers here by 11 PM EST.


Now, if you are having a hard time and you want another hint, comment here with the word 'HELP'. I will give you ONE hint! But it will cost you. You will lose 5 points, but it also may increase your chance of finding the actual item and obtain the most points from the challenge, so make your decisions wisely.

If you don't respond with a find by 11PM tonight, you will recieve 0 points. So make sure you get your item in on time. This post will become unscreened at 11, and further comments disabled. Then the winner of the round along with the current point status and the actual item will be posted.

Have fun, everyone! And don't forget about the other events here in the community!
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