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Hello!! [Wallpaper, may be spoilers?]

HI!!! ^-^

New member here... actually, I've been a member for a week or so and I'm only introducing myself now...

Anyway, I come bearing a wallpaper... Its main image is from that scan we have grown to love in so short a span of time--that's right!! Chapter 253, page 19!! I actually made a 'low-quality' version of this wall, but I was too ashamed to post it in a nejiten community... Anyway, this version is better...


[Credits] Black and white scan from Inane, fanart from dragonboy_mt from this very community... please don't kill me for using your pic!!! T______T

Now, for comments only other NejiTen fans would understand. While making this wall, I was so pleasantly surprised to find that Tenten fits oh-so conveniently at Neji's side. [Of course, everyone else would just say I'm reading too much into this.] I mean, don't they just look so perfect like that? XD I really think they look so much closer to each other than ever before, even though it was just one panel of talking about Gai and Lee's silliness. XD

Well, I hope all you fellow NejiTen shippers would enjoy that. Ja!!

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