Cosmo-san (blooming_cosmo) wrote in nejiten,

NejiTen Phrase Contest [Festival]

And with my assistant goldberry, let's get this contest on the road.

It's exactly how it sounds. You, the member, will be thinking up a phrase that we will become this communities official phrase. It needs to be something short, but at the same time encompassing everything that the relationship is in that short phrase. If you're confused, then here are a few examples:

Setting the caged bird free.

Weapons pick the locks off of cages.

And that's it. It just takes a little thinking, but it's not very difficult. So let's get to the rules:

- Entries are due on Saturday the 28th at 9PM EST.
- You can submit 2 entires, but don't tell anyone what they are.
- No copying or repeats. If someone beats you to a phrase, then it won't count (sorry). Also, if it's a phrase I've seen used before it won't count either.
- Posts are screened to minimize copying. :)

First item of the scavenger hunt will be posted at 7PM tonight. Sorry for the delay. -_-;
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