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22 October 2006 @ 07:57 pm
[Ten-for-Ten] [Rated T] Three offerings. (Themes 2-4)  
[t]itle: Gift
[r]ating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen
[w]ordcount: 641
[t]heme: 2. Sincerely Yours
[f]andom: Naruto
[p]airing: Nejiten
[s]ummary:She left a gift for him in his bedroom. It's made of porcelain, and it says more than you'd think. She knows he'll figure it out.
[n]otes: Short and semi-sweet, just like you KNOW you like it.


Neji could easily recall a conversation Tenten had once held, rather amusedly, with a man who wanted to 'rehire those masked guys.' )

[t]itle: One in a Thousand
[r]ating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen
[w]ordcount: 957
[t]heme: 3. White Out
[f]andom: Naruto
[p]airing: Nejiten
[s]ummary: Tenten had a tendency to avoid looking at her non-Hyuuga students in the eyes. It was something Aburame Shinji couldn't help but notice about his jounin sensei.
[n]otes: Inuzuka-Hyuuga-Aburame dream team "younger clan-relatives" remix. Some ShinoHina because I'm insane like that. No descendants of canon characters involved. There may, however, be some form of whipped cream, if you look hard enough.

One In a Thousand

He couldn't seem to stop watching her and watching Hideki. The Hyuuga noticed, he could tell. The Hyuuga saw everything. )

[t]itle: Hush
[r]ating: ESRB rating of T for Teen
[w]ordcount: 300
[t]heme: 4. Listen
[f]andom: Naruto
[p]airing: Nejiten
[s]ummary: They hear and understand silence, sometimes. Three drabbles.
[n]otes: Three drabbles. Weirdfic. What's going on in the last one is entirely up to you.


He tries and fails to think of something. He fails to find a way to give her what she expects to hear, what she wants. )
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unfortunately, my dearstarstruck2 on October 23rd, 2006 12:21 am (UTC)
These are all amazing. Good work!