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Continuing those themes I promised my friend to be done by October, but SHHHH. The next little batch of the one hundred themes. :) Already up at my journal, but putting it up here in light of the festival. ;-)

004. Small Favors

It had been one of those days, where they were sitting together in companionable silence. Sometimes he drank tea. Sometimes she polished a kodachi or two.

Sometimes Tenten said, out of the blue, things like, "I love you."

And Neji would reply depending on his mood.

"Ah," he sometimes said, sparing her a glance and maybe a gaze. This meant that he was in a humane mood and the words actually inwardly made him feel awkward.

"..." he said, when he was in a foul mood. He did not like to reply to her with anger, and so he replied with nothing.

"I know," he replied, on days where he felt weary but content. Neji never ignored the burdens of his life, but he was proud of all he accomplished.

But Tenten's favorite reply was by far the one he said when he was in an excellent mood.

On these rare occasions, Neji did not say anything. He simply reached for her hand and offered her a small but genuine smile.

093. Curses and Cures

“To marry Neji-nii-san,” Hinata said quietly. “Would mean more pain for him than he could bear.”

Tenten looked at her friend in surprise.

“A-ah!” Hinata was immediately apologetic. “I did not mean it that way. I-I simply meant that… to marry Neji-nii-san, you would become part of the Branch family.”

Tenten shook her head. “I’d do it. I’m not… I’m not being arrogant, you have to believe me. I’d do it for him.”

Hinata glanced at her with her pearly, worried eyes. “But would he let you do it for him?”

015. Heaven and Earth

With their backs on the grass and their eyes gazing skyward, the world seemed a lot quieter than it actually was.

Lee appreciated the tranquility, but itched for action. He was a beast of fire, and he lived for constant, moving discipline. He needed to run, to jump, to challenge himself.

Neji liked the serenity. He spent it honing his mental skills. He trained his mind as hard, if not harder, than his body. The mind was sometimes the heart of a genius, and this genius cleared his mind through meditation.

Tenten simply accepted the peace. In every other scenario she was as fiery as Lee and as strong-willed as Neji. But for now, lying between them, she felt safe.

047. Crown of Thorns
((Note: sort of continuation of 'Curses and Cures' [#093].))

“Come be my king,” she sang softly to herself. “And I’ll be your queen. Side by side, serving the people…”

His arms tightened around her waist and he buried his face deeper into her neck. “I love you too much,” he said in a low voice. “to let this happen to you willingly.”

“Obviously,” Tenten replied, her hands tenderly touching his face. “But I love you too much to be forced to be separated from you because of something like this.” Her traveled down his face, to his neck and shoulders, and down his arms. They found his hands and held on tightly, determined and unafraid.

“I’ll wear that seal like a crown if I have to.”

((Another Note: The song is actually a poem by Agnes Wang; I attempted to put music to it. Self-gratification, right there...;p))

037. Scrolls of Issues

“I think it’s sweet,” Tenten said glibly. Actually, she was just as annoyed, but her amusement kind of cancelled it out. Mostly she gushed to aggravate Neji.

And aggravated, he was. “Rokudaime-sama ought to take missions more seriously,” he muttered. “Rather than hand our team leader what is supposedly a mission scroll but what turns out to be—“

“A written proclamation of Naruto’s affection for Hinata?” Tenten provided. Neji scowled, and she gleefully prattled on. “I’ll admit the poem had some slightly perverted undertones, but I think he really was just doing this so that she’d have to go back. With that adorable blush of hers and no less.”

“So far will Konoha soar,” Neji said dryly, “If our illustrious Hokage would hand our team leaders semi-perverted poetry every time he is supposed to hand a mission scroll.”

Tenten rolled her eyes. “It’s not every day Hinata gets to lead. At least try not to come down on her for something that is Naruto’s fault. And while you’re at it, please try to do something about that nonexistent vein of romance in your body.”

He raised an eyebrow at this, and she laughed.

On her hip was a kodachi that matched his katana, and on her back was a weapons scroll with the title, ‘helix to heaven’. It had a name and a story, but they weren't telling.

((Note: Do forgive me for this one; I believe it's a little vague. But one day I'll explain. :D))


I have one more theme fic coming--it was too long to include with this. Plus, the ten themes from the festival itself. :)

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