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20 October 2006 @ 12:35 pm
Round Robin [ Festival Event ]  
Our first event for this festival. A simple Round Robin game. I will provide you with a small excerpt, and you will follow. Still confused? Just look at the rules.

Round Robin Rules
- This event, I repeat, STARTS NOW.
- Members who are participating are listed on the first post, and you will go in the exact order from that list.
- Wait until your turn. Don't skip anyone unless the person before you does not post in a timely manner and a moderator for this thread writes the word SKIP.
- If you can't think up anything, just post the word SKIP and the next member will be allowed to go. You will not be taken out of the game if you post this.
- If a member does not post within 12 HOURS, you will be skipped automatically for the first time. If you are skipped for a second time, you will be taken off of the Round Robin list. Please don't abuse the time limit.
- Remember that each post has a word limit. You CANNOT double post, so make sure that you get your story/point across effectively.
- YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A WRITING GOD FOR THIS CONTEST, BUT YOU MUST AT LEAST BE ABLE TO FORM A LOGICAL SENTENCE AND PASS THE STORY ALONG. I do NOT want to see any net speak during this. I will just delete the post and ask the next member to continue if that is the case.
- When posting, please don't comment to the previous user. It wouldn't make sense to since the next person wouldn't even know anyway. This will keep us from those annoying tiny comments. :)


Don't forget your order please. So, with that said, let's get the game underway. Here is your start off point. Make up whatever you want from here. If there are any questions, please post them in the sign up thread here. If you want me to remind you if you are going next, please leave your email in the sign up thread as well and I will email you when it is your turn. Have fun!

"You do realize how ridiculous this all is, right?"
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Brinabrina_mezzaluna on October 30th, 2006 12:42 pm (UTC)
(forgive me for this poor attempt, I really tried)

After a whole night of stalking random girls in the street, (and scaring the heck out of them at the same time), our poor Neji decided to throw in the towel.

Neji sighed, since when was attracting girls that hard?

Silently, he cursed Uchiha Sasuke, cursed him for his good looks, his ability to attract females like flies to rotten food, as well as his ability to persuade HIS Tenten to go on a date with him!

Wait... since when was Tenten his? The treacherous voice in his head snickered loudly as it happily pointed out that fact to Neji. "She is not yours, in fact, if that Uchiha wins, she will be HIS"

"SHUT UP," Neji growled angrily to himself. Unfortunately for him, he had actually growled that last sentence out loud. Now, he had the whole street staring at him. A little bly near him started to wail for his mother loudly.

Today was so not his day.