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Festival Directory 2006

NejiTen Festival 2006 Directory

If you are looking for something, or if you need an up to date summary of what's going on, please come here. Such information will be left in lj-cuts, but links to actual events will be listed below. If you're looking for this post it will be attached to the userinfo shortly for easy access.

>>Music Videos
Middle of Nowhere by tori2sage
Extraordinary Ways by light_flower
Semi Charmed by blooming_cosmo
Miss Independent by zero4combatant
Pray by blooming_cosmo

Video Spoofs by toboe_lonewolf
Neji's Love Confession by toboe_lonewolf
The Date by taichi_chan

>>10 for 10 Completed Challenges
Completed by Sonnie Skies
Themes 1-3 by Toboe Lonewolf
Themes 4-6 by Toboe Lonewolf
Themes 7-10 by Toboe Lonewolf
Completed by Syaoran No Hime
Completed by Starstruck2
Completed by Rong Chan
Completed by Wingsover
Completed by sireensilver
Completed by BerryGold
Completed by LightFlower
Complted by Taichi Chan
Completed by Saccharinesyrup
Completed by meepers369
Completed by xhriis
Completed by Lau Kun
Completed by animethief92

Lil'Neji by toboe_lonewolf
Themed Art by saccharinesyrup
Sketches by taichi_chan
Sketches by meepers_369
Intertwined by toboe_lonewolf

Icons by silv3rwind
Icons for 10 for 10 by tam_atm
Icons by ignordedflower
Icons by light_flower

Ficlets by hyuugatenten
Bergeron Falls by goldberry
Themed Fics by yesthatnagia
The Calander Suite by goldberry and wordynessie
Swirl by yesthatnagia
Drabble Set by sireensilver
White Out by xxmidnightbluex
Round Robin by nejiten

Mystery FST by hyuugatenten
Song Interpretation by xhriis
Festival Soundtrack by nejiten

Various Doujinshi uploaded by light_flower

Weapons Pick the Locks Off of Cages by blooming_cosmo

>>Festival Winners
Community Icontest Winners
Phrase Contest Winners

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