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20 October 2006 @ 12:13 pm
Festival Time~! [ Mod Post / Directory ]  
It's here! It's finally here. XD And I'm sure some of you are getting sick of hearing my voice (er...reading my posts), but I would like to officially welcome members and lurkers to The Official 2006 NejiTen Festival! Neji and Tenten both welcome you as well:

Like I made mention, we will be holding many events that will honor the pair. Even if you can't participate, don't worry! You can still contribute! If you have a fic, or fanart, graphics...anything, just post it. The whole idea of this festival is to share the love for the pairing, so don't be shy. We don't bite and we love to see new contributions to the fandom.

In the case of events, please make sure to follow all rules. The general rule, like always, will be NO CHARACTER/PAIRING BASHING! I do not want to see lurkers or current members starting threads which will lead into pairing debates. I'd like to think we're a peaceful bunch, so please be mindful of that. No fighting in threads of any kind. Any offense to those basic rules will get you an automatic ban, and that would suck major. For anymore rules just look at the userinfo, but I'm sure I'm handling a mature bunch here, so I won't need to worry. :)

If you're looking for an event, please look at the directory that will be set up as soon as the first event is created. Thanks a bunch to everyone who made this possible. Have fun! Go wild!

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