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20 October 2006 @ 06:15 am
10 for 10 Challenge Post  
From what I understand, I can post these now right? ^^ If I'm not supposed to yet, any of you mods can just tell me and I'll repost it later.

1. It's Been Nearly Five Days

TenTen hadn’t been at their usual training spot for at least five days now, and Neji was beginning to get annoyed with her constant absence. Well, at least that was the way Lee had interpreted the Hyuuga’s constant questioning of where she was. None of his inquiries had ever sounded, but Lee had never fully mastered understanding Neji and anybody could make the same mistake.

Neji had ended up heading to TenTen’s house on the day of her sixth absence, and he knocked politely on the door. He wasn’t sure whether her parents would be home, but he wouldn’t automatically make a pest of himself to them so he waited approximately thirty seconds before knocking again.

Suddenly he heard a voice from behind the door saying something to the effect of, “I’m coming!” But again, he hadn’t been able to hear it very well.

To Neji’s surprise (though he didn’t show it) TenTen was the one who ended up answering the door instead of one of her parents. She didn’t look like she was perfectly healthy by the way her skin was unusually paler than usual, and how she looked like she’d only just woken up in the middle of the afternoon.

“Neji, what are you doing here?” She asked with genuine confusion, as she allowed him to step inside.

“I came here looking for you since you haven’t shown up for training in nearly a week.” The Hyuuga looked around with his pale eyes to take in what little of TenTen’s home he was able to see. “Lee and Gai-sensei have been worried about you, and it’s getting boring fighting Lee the whole time.”

TenTen knew what Neji was really saying, and that was that he was worried about her. She knew saying that would just end up getting a denial from him, so she smiled a little to show she knew what he meant.

“Just tell them not to worry, I’ll try to show up tomorrow if I feel better. I just got a terrible cold, that’s all.” TenTen watched as Neji scanned her expression for any signs of lying, and once he was satisfied there was none he turned to leave. “Do you want to stay for a while?”

“No thanks, just hurry up and get better.”

Even if some people might have thought that rude or mean to say to her, TenTen knew Neji only wanted her to have better health. As the Hyuuga opened the door and began to leave, he turned to give her one last look that wasn’t exactly a smile but it still seemed to give her the feeling that he was smiling.

2. Sincerely Yours

Neji had never recalled a time when he had received a letter like this, with her neat hand-writing covering nearly two pages of paper he wasn’t sure if he would be patient enough to sit down and read it. But as he looked up to see Rock Lee and Gai having one of their weird pep talks, Neji figured the letter might be more interesting.

Apparently the letter was from TenTen, which confused him greatly. They saw each other every day it seemed, and he just felt that it must've been a great waste of time for her to spend a long time writing this letter. Well, in truth Neji didn't really know for sure how long it had taken her, but he still saw it as a waste of valuable time.

As he began reading through the whole letter, Neji then began to understand why TenTen didn't tell this to him directly... It was a love letter...

Neji got to the very end when he noticed something strange about the end. It read:

I hope I'm not being just an idiot by writing all of this out... and I hope you share my feelings.

Sincerely yours,


To Neji it felt strange that she would end the letter with something like sincerely yours instead of love TenTen or something. But then he realized why she had done that. TenTen hadn't wanted to push her feelings on him to where he would've felt guilty saying that he didn't have the same feelings.

Yet he wanted her to write something besides sincerely yours... and he would make sure next time she ever wrote him a letter that she knew.

3. White Out

TenTen watched as Neji trained with Lee, while Gai was constantly cheering them on. She smiled as her teammates fought almost as if they were fighting real opponents instead of their companion.

But suddenly, her vision went white as TenTen was suddenly hit by something extremely heavy. She feared that she had suddenly gone blind, but then she heard Lee apologizing for have landed on her. And as she sat up trying to explain to Neji that it was fine and she understood it was an accident, the Hyuuga smacked Lee a few feet in another direction.

Then he knelt beside her and looked over her to see if she was fine. "Is your head okay?"

"Yeah," TenTen was blushing furiously as Neji was so close to her. But Neji stood up and told Lee to hurry up so they could continue. TenTen sighed, Neji was really nice to her, but most of the time she hated how he had a one-track mind.

4. Listen

TenTen had never been the type of person who could talk to someone and vent her anger. Yet one afternoon, Neji had asked to have lunch with her in a spot where they wouldn't be overheard. They had found somewhere close to their training area, but far enough so nobody would hear them.

"So what did you want to talk about?" TenTen asked as she began to pick at her lunch.

"I don't want to talk. I want you to talk, and I'm going to listen." Neji had a serious expression, but TenTen still wasn't sure what he meant. "You've been acting strange recently, and I'm curious to know why."

TenTen hadn't known she'd been acting any different, but it was no use trying to hide if from Neji. So she talked, and vented about her anger and frustration. It seemed like ever since the Chuunin exam, everyone considered her weak. She was hoping she wasn't boring him by talking so much, but every time she looked he still looked attentive to what she was saying.

And she knew, that this was the best thing to do for her. Neji had figured out that TenTen just needed somebody to listen to her for once. And then she remembered why she loved the Hyuuga so much.

5. Gravity

TenTen hadn’t really meant to fall on Neji, but it had been her first time ever attempting to climb a tree without using her hands. She had known it would take a lot of chakra control, but she didn’t know that it would be so difficult.

Then again, she could’ve sworn gravity had been conspiring against her. Because she had been staying pretty well, until Neji had just happened to walk underneath her. That was the moment gravity had decided to increase and bring her down right on top of her teammate.

Yet when she tried to move off of him, he had wrapped his arms around her and refused to let go. It had just so happened that they facing each other the way she had landed, and so he took advantage of the situation and kissed her firmly on her soft lips.

6. We Might As Well Be Strangers

It was a kind of thing that rarely happened between them. After being together for so long, Neji and TenTen had never really fought about anything major. This time it was different though, TenTen wouldn't talk to Neji and vice-versa. They could hardly even look each other in the eye while training now, it was getting to the point where it even began worrying Lee.

He had finally decided to confront TenTen one afternoon when they had skipped their training session for the day. When he had told Gai-sensei about his two students once being together, the man had immediately encouraged Lee to bring them back together.

Of course being the way Lee was, he took Gai-sensei's encouragement to heart and hastily set out to bring his two teammates back together. But when he spoke with TenTen the only thing she said to him about her and Neji was:

"We might as well be strangers."

7. Mine

It had only truly taken those two words to completely assure her that his presence would always be there. Most people might've thought he had a need for control over their relationship, but TenTen knew Neji wasn't that way deep down.

The Hyuuga had always had giving people a good impression, but in truth he was no different than any other teenager in Konoha. He had fears, he cried, he bled, and he loved. Though many people found it doubtful with stolid mask, Neji Hyuuga really did love TenTen.

When Neji had told TenTen, "You're mine." He had meant that he would love her, protect her, and never wanted to let her go for anyone else. But it seemed the only person really capable of understanding these feelings were TenTen herself.

And that was just how they both liked it.

8. Gamble

Neji would probably call this a gamble with fate, but TenTen knew not even fate would know what he would says. As often as the Hyuuga referred to fate controlling peoples’ lives, he often defied fate.

Just as he had ended up in the branch house of the Hyuuga clan while he was one of the most powerful fighters of his generation. This is why TenTen didn’t believe fate would know the outcome of what she was about to do, well it was more like she didn’t want to believe fate would know the outcome.

As she approached the gates of the Hyuugas’ home, Neji seemed to actually be leaving the place. She smiled at how lucky she was and went up to him. Shyly she spoke to him, but TenTen almost stopped in mid-sentence when she saw the look Neji was giving her.

When TenTen realized that she had accidentally said the completely wrong thing she then realized that fate had a cruel sense of humor.

9. Running

Neji hadn’t realized how much he had really loved TenTen, not until it became apparent that she could die this time. It had seemed like a simple mission, all she really had to do was escort some woman to a town close to Konoha’s borderline. That type of mission had only really required one genin to do.

He felt his heart beating rapidly, as he came closer to where she had been attacked according to some man who had witnessed it happening. When he finally cleared the forest and reached the clearing, he saw TenTen. She was lying on the ground, but she only had minor injuries luckily.

Neji quickly went to her, showing her gentleness he had never shown anyone else before. TenTen smiled up at him before trying to claim that she was fine and she could get back to Konoha on her own.

Yet Neji refused to her strain herself any more, and scooped her up to carry her back to Konoha. It was truly amazing what love could do to a person, Neji mused as he carried TenTen back to the village for treatment.

10. Razorblade Kiss

This kiss was almost as if receiving a scar from getting cut by a razor blade’s edge. It was a moment Neji would never forget in the many years to come, just as a scar would forever leave its mark on his skin.

This kiss would forever imprint itself in his memory, and would be the one time in his teenage years that he would never allow himself to forget.
byakugan13byakugan13 on October 20th, 2006 02:02 pm (UTC)
all were beautiful, especially #10!! i LOVED these! ^_^
Cosmo-san: nejiten [ lolz ]blooming_cosmo on October 20th, 2006 04:24 pm (UTC)
Whoo! Since it is the 20th you're perfectly on time. I shall make your banner right away, thank you so much for completeing the challenge. You rock. :D
Stephanie: fuji ♥animethief92 on October 20th, 2006 07:08 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!
Cosmo-san: NejiTen [ innocence ]blooming_cosmo on October 22nd, 2006 08:04 pm (UTC)
Sorry this took a while. Was trying to find something that would work for the banner. Hope you like, and thanks for completeing the challenge. ♥

Stephanieanimethief92 on October 22nd, 2006 09:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!
silverteardropxsilverteardropx on October 20th, 2006 09:25 pm (UTC)
mhmmh :tries to hide her laughter: mhmn ILMAO!!! awww that was beyond cute!!! way tooo adorable =]!