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10 for 10 [ NejiTen Festvial ]


I'm putting this up early because I'm not sure if just surprising everyone with these themes will be good. I hope by giving you this challenge early, that we'll have more people posting completed claims through out the length of the festival. This should either give you enough time to prepare and think things through or at least give you enough time to participate. :)

But enough of that, let me give you the details. The Ten for Ten Challenge will basically be testing a member's ability to complete a list of Ten Themes. Members will get an early viewing of these themes, and they will use their various talents to complete said themes.

So, what exactly are you expected to do? I'm glad you asked. Really, it all depends on your area of skill. If you like writing fics, then write 10 fics to compliment the 10 themes. If you draw, make ten fanarts/doodles. If you like combining those two make a ten page doujinshi that fits all the themes. Like graphics? Why not wallpapers, icons, or headers? Really, you can do what ever you feel comfortable doing. All I ask is that you incorporate the themes into the subjects you submit. And with that said, let's look at the themes you'll be playing with.

1. It's Been Five Days
2. Sincerely Yours
3. White Out
4. Listen
5. Gravity
6. We Might As Well Be Strangers
7. Mine
8. Gamble
9. Running
10. Razorblade Kiss

- Members cannot post any of their completed themes until October 20th, 2006!
- You don't have to sign-up for this event. Just post when you're finished.
- It would be greatly appreciated if you post all your themes at once especially if you're deciding to do 10 graphics or drabbles. It's sort of a waste if you just post one icon/drabble every five minutes. It will also help me keep track of who completed what.
- Rule 2 is flexible for people choosing to do fanart or fanfics cause they can most likely take up time and space in one post. If you can link from your journals all at once then that is also greatly appreciated.
- You must complete all themes. This means that whatever you decide to submit MUST return to me in TEN PIECES. If you do icons, I want 10 icons. If drabbles, I better see 10 drabbles. You get the idea? XD
- Make sure that each entry is labeled with the theme it is representing.
- This is a NejiTen related challenge...need I even have to remind you that I will only except entries that deal with NejiTen? Side characters, etc. are allowed but the main focus must be on Neji, Tenten or NejiTen.
- Following the previous rule, if you support just the friendship between these characters then don't feel obligated to make them all romance related. Separate character themes are allowed (ie. a submission focusing on Neji, etc).
- Creativity people. I don't know how to stress that enough. These themes are open to interpretation. Don't feel restricted or forced to use the exact phrases. As long as it relates to the theme it is fine.
- These themes can go in any order. They don't even have to be related.
- Last day to submit your themes will be October 29th, 2006.
- You can use these themes after the festival, but you won't get anything for your efforts in return. Maybe just a pat on the back? Sorry. D:

The last rule basically leads me into the whole "Well...what do I get for doing all ten themes? It better be a car!" Well...can I trade a car with the satisfaction of finishing? XD I guess not. So all people who complete the challenge will get a spiffy banner (I honestly have no idea what to offer at this point >.>;). I'd offer more for your awesome efforts, but I'm currently poor. T__T

Alright. One post down. A few more to go.


P.S. If you haven't signed up for Round Robin, do so here.
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