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Fanfic Contest Winners!

Wow! So, I finally decide to post up winners. :D But there is good reason for the lateness as I will explain soon.

But before I explain that and get to the winners, I just want to say that all of you are truly awesome. All of our participants did a wonderful job handling the given themes, and I can't help, but fell proud that the contest was indeed a success. We had a total of nine amazing entries, and believe me, making a decision on all of the entries was extremely difficult, but with the help of Audrey a winner and an honorable mention was decided.

Our First Place Winner Is...goldberry! With her entry "The Third Day"!

And Our Honorable Mention Goes To...dreamsofbluesky! With her entry "Chrysanthemums"!

Both users will be given the option of making me their slave XD requesting something, or lj gift certificates. Just let me know here or at my journal, whatever, when you guys decide! Congrats!

All entries can be found in our community memories, and I for one think that every single entry should get a look at if you haven't already. I was amazed with the turnout and entries we received. We have so many talented people in this community, so it's no surprise. :D

Had Otakon been a month or two earlier, winners would have been up by then. And since goldberry has already left for Otakon, it will give her a better surprise when I give her the news in person. XD I had the idea in my head ever since I found out she would be going, so I hope most of you can forgive me for announcing these winners so late! I am always on time with posting winners and banners, so yeah, I hope that with our next contests/events our turn out is just as awesome! You all did a wonderful job! And I thank each and everyone of you for making the contest possible!

As a final note, I'd like to direct most of you to a new contest that is open over at ten_squared. Details for the contest can be found here, so if you have time to submit, please do! Thanks a bunch guys!

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