Only Secret (only_secret) wrote in nejiten,
Only Secret

Wow...It's been such a long time since I've posted anything here. I'm not sure if I've posted this chapter before, if I have, I'm sorry~ but it doesn't hurt to read it once more or maybe even review (so I'll get the motivation to write the prequel), right?

Title: Caught in the Moment - Kunoichi
Rating: K+/T (the normal)
Summery: Kunoichi was an ugly lifestyle; and the only comfort for those in it, was the prospect of home.

( When the peace of the day that was once known had departed, shinobi retreated into the night where they lost part of themselves every night and become a true shadow. When mornings became blood and sweat and screams of enemies as well as comrades, kunoichi began to prepare for the evenings. )

*Crosses fingers and hopes you way or another*

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