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10 July 2006 @ 10:16 pm
Okay, this is an idea that's been bouncing around my head for a while (sorry, I'm probably spamming everyone's friends list)...

What if TenTen isn't (I have no idea if this is fanon or canon, BTW) Yong? What if she, Iruka, and possibly Shikamaru are actually the descendants of those who originally inhabited the land where Konoha sits?

What if under Konoha, unknown to any who aren't aborigines, there are extensive catacombs holding traps, treasures, the dead of thousands of years? What if it was from them that the whole Clan thing got started? What if it was from them that the Clan tattoos got started? What if the leaf symbol is based on the original inhabitant's form of written language, pictionary (or perhaps logographic- think Egyptian heiroglyphs) in nature? What if the entire nature of jutsu was based off of the aborigine's native arts? What if the aborigines were all but forgotten, so forgotten that they are no more than a distant dream? What if the dogs of the Inuzuka clan are the descendants of the original aborigine's dogs, who were so fierce and large and loyal that even Akamaru would be nothing next to them?

What if, to protect the village, the descendants could call on their ancestors? What if they could bring the dead to 'life'- zombies, maybe- to protect them and theirs? What if the huge, fierce dogs were merely sleeping, deep in the catacombs, for when their masters would need them once more? What if that jutsu that can reanimate the dead is based off of the aborigine's jutsu, except that the aborigines don't need complicated hand symbols or anything- just to be of the blood and have great need. A child who had fallen and skinned their knee wouldn't be able to summon the dead or dogs, for example.

What if the descendants finally grew tired of being ignored and decided to display what they were? What if, instead of TenTen of no last name, she were TenTen of Brightmetal or Longknife, or whatever? What if the descendants chose to tattoo themselves with what were once their clan symbols?

What if some of the other ninja accidentally broke into the catacombs, perhaps while training? How would they react? Would the guardian dogs wake and brutally attack any non-aboriginal nin who dared to try and enter?

This is all a very weird sort of fic-baby I'm thinking of writing... all hypothetical, though. Can anyone tell me if it sounds interesting, or enlighten me on some things?
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Takditaykan on July 11th, 2006 05:16 am (UTC)
Thanks! I really do hope I'll be able to do it justice.

As for your questions, I'm basically the queen of mythology- I know a lot about it, and I can see how it affects our culture even now. My front door is green, has been since before we moved here, and so are a lot of the doors on the block- and I know why. I know about cultural cross-polination of mythology (Greeks and Romans are a great example).
I've hit the point where I can draw on my knowledge without even thinking about it. Wasn't even thinking about the Wild Hunt... although Herne was said to have horns, and Shikamaru raises deer... hm.

Aborigine basically means "those who were there first". Caucasions, for the most part, are aboriginal to Europe- mid-to-northern Europe, particularly. So I was using it as a "these are/were the original inhabitants of the land", those who lived on it.

If the temperaments of TenTen and Iruka are anything to go by, the original inhabitants (aborigines) seem like they would have welcomed the newcomers into their fold... but not completely. They wouldn't let them get at the most private secrets, but would teach them things... how to manipulate chakra, how to move without disturbing even the grass.