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Fanfic: Recognition

Title: Recognition
Characters/Pairings: Neji and Tenten
Rating: Uh...I guess PG-13 (T for Teens :o)
Notes: Er...yeah, I haven't written in a while. Rusty? You bet! I was going to put it on, but apparently my computer hates me.
Summary: It all led to this moment, between these two. Upon first glance they were nothing. Upon understanding there was definitely something.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the manga, Naruto, created by Kishimoto. I’ve only borrowed his characters and wish to go in depth with them. Specifically, Neji and Tenten.


by Blooming Cosmo



Her movements were awkward at best. And when they hit the bed, it only turned into a race for her. Limbs tangled, and the uncomfortable pull of hair was beginning to drive her partner mad.

She made quick work of removing their hitai-ates and then proceeded to boost herself up, hands gripping on to his shirt as she straddled him. He kept his mouth closed, eyes half lidded as he watched lazily. It was only when she moved up a bit further that he had spoken up in a hiss.

“Tenten, my r-” but his protests were soon stopped by her hand over his mouth.

She gave him an urgent look that caused him to settle down, relaxing back into the previous state he was in. He could only hear the footsteps now. All of his other senses were too shocked to comprehend anything except the woman that was currently on top of him.

She reaffirmed her hold of his stained shirt before giving a quick tug. Fingers soon came in contact with flesh, and she was on to her search while she used her other hand to tug at the top of her collar. The buttons were coming undone, perhaps even broken thanks to her haste. It was only a small price to pay.

Her pale pink shirt fell past her shoulders, the moon casting a soft glow over the bindings that were still wrapped around her slim frame.

“Trust me…”

It had become a saying he was now accustomed to through time. Her hand hovered over his heart feeling the soothing rhythm that only assured her further that this could work. She left the area, and began her search near his neck.

There it is.

It was getting louder outside. The slamming of various doors made her lower her head to the wound that tarnished his otherwise smooth pale skin. Her lips brushed against his neck softly, and she tested the area before beginning to suck on it strongly.

Her back arched in surprise when she heard the door to the room slam open, light entering the room before she could spit the bitter poison from her mouth.

The intruders could only see what was before them. The things in between were none of their concern.

A/N: Alright! So I haven’t written in a while. My intentions are to make this into a series of different events between the two before answering the question, “OH GOD WHAT’S GOING ON IN THIS CHAPTER!?!?!” even though it's pretty obvious. Last chapter will answer all questions that aren't so obvious.

...and no I haven't forgotten about the new layout and the winners for the contest. I love you all, you know that right. D: I am currently waiting for the sloganizer to say 'NejiTen, breakfast of champions!'....don't ask.
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